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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Multilevel state policy on the basis of the open model of innovation process managementAkerman, Elena Nikolaevna; Kozlovskaya, Oksana Vitalievna; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna; Burets, Yuliya
2007On distribution of multi-dimensional planes in the Euclidian spaceIvlev, Е. Т.; Pshenichnikova, А. S.; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna
2016The Optimum Ratio of Risk and Return Accrued Pension Funds as a Factor of Influence on the Well-Being of the Older GenerationAksenova, Yuliya Viktorovna; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna
2017Population as the object of socio – economic reality (by example of Tomsk region)Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna; Baryshev, Aleksey Andreevich; Potyagaylov (Potyagailov), Sergey Vitalyevich
2019Psychometric evaluation of the Russian version of the flourishing scale in a sample of older adults living in SiberiaDidino, Daniel; Taran, Ekaterina Aleksandrovna; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna; Casati, Fabio
2016Social Entrepreneurship: Metaphysics of Entrepreneurship in PracticeBaryshev, Aleksey Andreevich; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna
2018"The Third Age": Aspects Of UnderstandingPankova, Nataliya Mikhailovna; Pogukaeva, Natalia Vyacheslavovna; Khaldeeva, Marina Aleksandrovna; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna; Korovkin, Mikhail
2017Typology of Innovative Development of AIRR-Regions (Association of Russian Innovative Regions)Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna; Mikhalchuk, Aleksandr Alexandrovich; Burets, Yuliya Sergeevna; Novoseltseva, D. A.
2016A Value-based Approach to Unspelling EntrepreneurshipBaryshev, Aleksey Andreevich; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna
2015Well-being: Subjective and Objective AspectsAlatartseva, E.; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna
2016What is Well-Being In The Modern Society: Objective ViewAlatartseva, Elena; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna
2016What Is Well-Being In The Modern Society: Objective ViewAlatartseva, Elena; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna