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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysis of the Influence of Modes of Plasmachemical Synthesis and Precursor Evaporation on Geometric Characteristics of Ceramic Powders ProducedBondarchuk, Ivan; Zhukov, Ilya; Borisov, Boris Vladimirovich
2017Analytical estimation of particle shape formation parameters in a plasma-chemical reactorZhukov, Ilya; Bondarchuk, Sergei; Zhukov, Alexander; Bondarchuk, Ivan; Borisov, Boris Vladimirovich; Ayeshina, Tatiana Nikolaevna
2016Double Continuum Model of Evolution of Precursor Droplets in the Flow of Heat Transfer Medium of a Plasma Chemical ReactorZhukov, Ilya; Bondarchuk, Sergey; Borisov, Boris Vladimirovich
2016Energy and Propulsion Optimization of Solid-Propellant Grain of a Hybrid Power DeviceBondarchuk, Sergey; Bondarchuk, Iliya; Borisov, Boris Vladimirovich; Zhukov, Alexandr
2016Features Applications of the Approaches When Constructing Efficient Algorithms During the Modelling of Some Intracanal FlowsBorisov, Boris Vladimirovich
2018Identification of kinetic triplets by results of derivatographic analysisBondarchuk, Ivan; Bondarchuk, Sergei; Borisov, Boris Vladimirovich
2018Influence of water-methanol solution additives on hydrocarbon fuel combustion in burnerNaumkin, Aleksandr; Borisov, Boris Vladimirovich; Nigay, Aleksandr
2015Modeling of Continuous Melting of Quartz-Feldspar Raw Materials of Subsequent Flow from the Plasma HeatingMalashenko, Mariya; Maslov, Evgeny Anatolievich; Borisov, Boris Vladimirovich
2017Modeling the evolution of the aerosol cloud of toxicants in the atmosphereBondarchuk, Ivan; Bondarchuk, Sergei; Borisov, Boris Vladimirovich
2016Numerical Simulation of Methane Under Phase Transfer Conditions with its Real PropertiesBorisov, Boris Vladimirovich; Bondarchuk, Sergey; Skryabinsky, Dimitrii; Striha, Victorya
2017Physical and numerical simulation of two-phase flow in the area of mini-channelBorisov, Boris Vladimirovich; Chachilo, Evgeny
2015Temperature and Humidity Effects of Dispersion Medium on Evolution of Liquid-Drop Aerosol ParametersStepkina, Yuliya; Kudryashova, Olga; Borisov, Boris Vladimirovich
2016Verification of Model of Calculation of Intra-Chamber Parameters In Hybrid Solid-Propellant Rocket EnginesZhukov, Ilya; Borisov, Boris Vladimirovich; Bondarchuk, Sergey; Zhukov, Alexander