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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Computer modeling and software development for unsteady chemical technological systemsDolganov, Igor Mikhailovich; Dolganova, Irena Olegovna; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Pisarev, Mikhail Olegovich
2017Improving the benzene alkylation catalyst performance with use of computer modeling systemDolganova, Irena Olegovna; Dolganov, Igor Mikhailovich; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna
2016Increasing of efficiency and stability of alkylbenzene sulphuric acid generation unit equipmentDolganova, Irena Olegovna
2019Kinetic non-reversibility of the cracking reactions and its accounting during mathematical modeling of industrial processNazarova, Galina Yurievna; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Shafran, T.; Seytenova, G.; Elubay, M.; Dolganova, Irena Olegovna
2016The optimization of surfactants technology on the basis of alkyl benzene sulphonic acidKrutey, A. A.; Dolganova, Irena Olegovna
2018Optimization of the linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid manufacturing using the mathematical modeling methodsKrutei, A. A.; Dolganova, Irena Olegovna; Dolganov, Igor Mikhailovich
2014Reactor-regenerator System Joint Work Optimization in Benzene Alkylation with Higher Olefins UnitDolganova, Irena Olegovna; Dolganov, Igor Mikhailovich; Ivanchina, Emilia Dmitrievna; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Belinskaya, Natalia Sergeevna; Platonov, V.
2015Thermodynamic Analysis of Benzene Alkylation with EthyleneKhlebnikova, Elena Sergeevna; Bekker, Alexander; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Dolganova, Irena Olegovna; Yurev, Egor Mikhaylovich