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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Influence of mechanical milling conditions on the dispersity of lithium ferriteLamonova, Svetlana Andreevna; Lysenko, Elena Nikolaevna; Malyshev, Andrei Vladimirovich
2017Influence of reagents mixture density on the radiation-thermal synthesis of lithium-zinc ferritesSurzhikov, Anatoly Petrovich; Lysenko, Elena Nikolaevna; Vlasov, Vitaliy Anatolievich; Malyshev, Andrei Vladimirovich; Korobeynikov, M. V.; Mikhailenko, M. A.
2015Investigation of heating rate effect on solid-phase interaction in Li[2]CO[3]-Fe[2]O[3] reaction mixtureLysenko, Elena Nikolaevna; Nikolaev, Evgeny Vladimirovich; Vasendina, Elena Aleksandrovna
2015Investigation of Massive Catalyst based on Molybdenum Disulphide by Simultaneous Thermal Analysis and Mass Spectrometry MethodsAkimov, A. S.; Morosov, M. A.; Fedushchak, T. A.; Uyimin, M. A.; Vosmerikov, A. V.; Zhuravkov, Sergey Petrovich; Lysenko, Elena Nikolaevna
2016Investigation of oxidation process of mechanically activated ultrafine iron powdersLysenko, Elena Nikolaevna; Nikolaev, Evgeny Vladimirovich; Vlasov, Vitaliy Anatolievich; Zhuravkov, Sergey Petrovich
2015Multiphase composite coatings: structure and propertiesYurov, V. M.; Guchenko, S. A.; Platonova, E. S.; Syzdykova, A. Sh.; Lysenko, Elena Nikolaevna
2016TG study of the Li[0.4]Fe[2.4]Zn[0.2]O[4] ferrite synthesisLysenko, Elena Nikolaevna; Nikolaev, Evgeny Vladimirovich; Surzhikov, Anatoly Petrovich