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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Experimental Research of Thermophysical Processes in A Closed Two-Phase ThermosyphonFeoktistov, Dmitriy Vladimirovich; Vympin , E. A.; Nurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly
2017Experimental study of temperatures in characteristic sections of the working zone of a closed two-phase thermosyphon under the condition of a heat removal by external peripheryNurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly; Orlova, Evgeniya Georgievna; Mamontov, Gennady Yakovlevich
2017An experimental study of the influence of a thermosyphon filling ratio on a temperature distribution in characteristic points along the vapor channel heightNurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly; Orlova, Evgeniya Georgievna; Ponomarev, Konstantin Olegovich
2017Experimental study of thermosyphon operation when cooling the condensation part by drop irrigationPonomarev, Konstantin Olegovich; Orlova, Evgeniya Georgievna; Nurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly
2014Mathematical modeling heat transfer in closed two-phase thermosyphonNurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly
2016Mathematical Modeling of Hydrodynamic and Heat Transfer in a Two-Phase ThermosyphonNee, Aleksandr Eduardovich; Nurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly
2016Mathematical Modelling of Force Convection in a Two-Phase Thermosyphon in Conjugate FormulationNurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly; Nee, Aleksandr Eduardovich
2017Numerical analyses of the effect of a biphasic thermosyphon vapor channel sizes on the heat transfer intensity when heat removing from a power transformer of combined heat and power stationNurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly; Mamontov, Gennady Yakovlevich; Valieva, Lylya
2016The Opportunity Analyses of Using Thermosyphons in Cooling Systems of Power Transformers on Thermal StationsNurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly; Nemova, Tatiana
2017Peculiarities of temperature fields formation in vapor channels of thermosyphons with heat carriers boiling at low temperaturesNurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly; Ponomarev, Konstantin Olegovich; Nemova, Tatyana
2019Анализ возможного метода использования геотермальной энергииНурпейис, Атлант Едилулы; Nurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly
2019Новый подход к моделированию процесса формирования теплового режима термосифонов больших размеров для использования геотермальной теплотыМаксимов, Вячеслав Иванович; Нурпейис, Атлант Едилулы; Maksimov, Vyacheslav Ivanovich; Nurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly