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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Landscape and water body contamination due to pipeline accidents: case study of oil fields in Western SiberiaPugovkina, Yu. S.; Bahlyustov, A. I.
2017Language barrier in English learning and methods to overcome challengesKaravskiy, D. V.; Kimbaev, K. M.
2015Modeling of seismic field in porous medium: Simulation study of single pore and pore ensemble effectsShatskaya, Aleksandra Andreevna; Nemirovich-Danchenko, Mikhail Mikhailovich; Terre, Dina Anatolievna
2016Modern technologies of oil trunk pipeline system construction in permafrost environmentChehlov, A. N.; Sidelnikov, A. V.
2015Pellet impact drilling development: prospects and trendsNechaev, D. A.; Dubinsky, D. G.
2015Petrophysical zoning elements of Chertovo Koryto gold-ore deposit (Patom Upland, Eastern Siberia)Sokolov, Stepan Vitalievich; Kolmakov, Yuriy Viktorovich; Terre, Dina Anatolievna
2014Research of magnetic anomaly nature in the area of TPU training ground for geological internshipsChubarov, D. L.; Bondarenko, V. V.
2016Research on pellet impact drilling: history, techniques and resultsDubinsky, D. G.; Nechaev, D. A.
2016Rheological properties of crude oils in Yaregskoye and Yaraktinskoye oil fieldsClovis Le Grand Monkam Monkam
2016Rheological properties of crude oils in Yaregskoye and Yaraktinskoye oil fieldsManzhai, Vladimir Nikolaevich; Clovis Le Grand Monkam Monkam; Terre, Dina Anatolievna
2017Tele- and videoconference interpreting in cross-cultural communicationAlexandrov, A. O.
2016Time management as essential skill for successful career in competitive environmentGolovkova, D. V.
2016Triggering of great earthquakes: calculation and analysis of combined tidal effect of the Moon and SunChubarov, D. L.; Kochnev, V. A.; Terre, Dina Anatolievna
2016VLE versus PLE: prospects for self-educationBobkov, А. G.