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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Crystal morphology and thermal EMF of pyrites in the western flank of Sukholozhsky gold ore field (Lenski ore area)Gavrilov, Roman Yurievich; Pshenichkin, Anatoliy Yakovlevich; Ponamarenko, M.; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2015Ecological problems in petroleum engineering and industryYasenko, V. S.
2016Environmental formation conditions of Kimmeridgian-Oxfordian Upper Jurassic sediments in Aleksandrov megaswellIlina, Galina Fedorovna; Schmidt, Ye.; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2015Exploration and local forecast of gold-ore deposits based on typomorphic properties of pyritePshenichkin, Anatoliy Yakovlevich; Ananyev, Yuri Sergeyevich; Bushmanov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2016Genetic Classification of ore-forming processesKucherenko, Igor Vasilyevich; Sinkina, Ekaterina Andreevna; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2016Groundwater chemical composition of aptian-cenomanian aquifer system due to scale deposits in Kaymisovsky area (Western Siberia)Siridonov, T. S.
2015Hydrothermal alteration mapping of Siberian gold-ore fields based on satellite spectroscopy dataAnanyev, Yuri Sergeyevich; Maskov, A. A.; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2015Industrial pollutionFadeev, S. E.
2016Investigation of dispersing agent impact on asphaltene aggregation in modeling systemGes, G. A.; Ismailov, Y. R.; Margert, A. S.
2015Litho-facies and paleotectonic background of hydrocarbon reservoirs in North Kalinov gas-condensate field (Tomsk Oblast)Ten, Tatyana Georgievna; Panova, Elena Vladimirovna; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2015Oriented core application in texture analysis of J1 formation in Kazan oil-gas condensate field (Tomsk Oblast)Krasnoshchokova, Lubov Afanasievna; Cherdansteva, D.; Yurkova, M.; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2015Petrogenetic characteristics of mafic-ultramafic massifs in Nizhne-Derbinsk complex (East Sayan Mountains)Cherkasova, Tamara Yurievna; Chernishov, A.; Goltsova, Yu.; Timkin, Timothy Vasilyevich; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2015Predicted facies, sedimentary structures and potential resources of Jurassic petroleum complex in S-E Western Siberia (based on well logging data)Prakojo, Feliks Santo; Lobova, Galina Anatolyevna; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2015Rear polymineral zone of near-veined metasomatic aureole in mesothermal Zun-Holba gold deposit (Eastern Sayan)Cherkasova, Tamara Yurievna; Kucherenko, Igor Vasilyevich; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2015Specific features of Bazhenov suite sediments in south-eastern Nurolsk sedimentary basin (Tomsk Oblast)Nedolivko, Nataliya Mikhailovna; Perevertaylo (Perevertailo), Tatyana Gennadievna; Li Cunyi; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2015Structural-chemical features and morphology of glauconites in sedimentary iron ore of Bakchar prospect (Western Siberia)Rudmin, Maksim Andreevich; Reva, I.; Gunko, A.; Mazurov, Aleksey Karpovich; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2015Terrestrial heat flow and its role in petroleum geologyOsipova, Elizaveta Nikolaevna; Ivanov, I. V.; Smirnov, V. A.; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2016Up-dated ore composition data (Central orefield, Kuznetsk Alatau)Bushmanov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Voroshilov, Valery Gavrilovich; Reva, I.; Rudmin, Maksim Andreevich; Chernyshov, A.; Abramova, Raisa Nikolaevna
2015We are destroying the worldLeonov, N. G.