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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Assessment of the thermodynamic probability of naphthenes formation by hydrogen transfer reactions from cycloolefins, during their processing on zeoliteBagdasaryan, N. S.; Altynov, Andrey Andreevich
2020Development a formalized scheme of substances conversion in the zeoforming process of stable gas condensateBykov, R. A.; Altynov, Andrey Andreevich
2020Directions of transformations of stable gas condensates with various composition on a zeolite catalystAltynov, Andrey Andreevich; Bogdanov, Ilya
2020Expansion of the feedstock base for the production of diesel fuel by involving the heavy fractions and cold flow improversKirgina, Mariya Vladimirovna; Bogdanov, Ilya; Belinskaya, Natalia Sergeevna; Altynov, Andrey Andreevich; Morozova, Yana Pavlovna
2021Feasibility evaluation of adding vegetable oil to straight-run diesel fraction during zeoformingSosnina, D. V.; Altynov, Andrey Andreevich; Belozertseva, N. E.
2021Formalized scheme for the formation of xylenes and ethylbenzene by hydrogen transfer reactions in olefins during processing on zeolitesMardanov, K. E.; Altynov, Andrey Andreevich
2021Formalized scheme for the light hydrocarbon feedstock conversion on a zeolite catalystAltynov, Andrey Andreevich
2020Investigation of the temperature effect on characteristics of the products, obtained by upgrading straight-run diesel fuel on zeoliteBogdanov, Ilya; Altynov, Andrey Andreevich
2020Selection the optimal technological parameters for the processing of stable gas condensate into gasoline components on zeoliteTemirbolat, A. M.; Altynov, Andrey Andreevich