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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Adaptive system with frequency control channel division and bootstrappingTaskaev, D. М.; Avramchuk, Valery Stepanovich
2019Analysis of Barriers to the Development of Industrial Internet of Things Technology and Ways to Overcome ThemZhmud, Vadim; Sayapin, Vitaly; Liapidevskiy, Aleksandr; Stukach, Oleg; Avramchuk, Valery Stepanovich; Roth, Hubert
2015Application of coherence analysis for improving informativity of time-frequency correlation functionFaerman, Vladimir Andreevich; Avramchuk, Valery Stepanovich; Luneva, Elena Evgenievna
2019Characteristic Barriers to the Implementation of the Roadmap for Augmented Reality Technology Development ProgramZhmud, Vadim; Liapidevskiy, Aleksandr; Avramchuk, Valery Stepanovich
2019Critical Technologies in the Cluster of Virtual and Augmented RealityZhmud, Vadim; Sayapin, Vitaly; Liapidevskiy, Aleksandr; Sedinkin, Aleksey; Avramchuk, Valery Stepanovich; Hardt, Wolfram
2018Development problem analysis of correlation leak detector's softwareFaerman, Vladimir Andreevich; Avramchuk, Valery Stepanovich; Marukyan, V. M.
2017The leak location package for assessment of the time-frequency correlation method for leak locationFaerman, Vladimir Andreevich; Cheremnov, A. G.; Avramchuk, Valery Stepanovich; Shepetovsky, Denis Vladimirovich
2017Optimization of the coherence function estimation for multi-core central processing unitCheremnov, A. G.; Faerman, Vladimir Andreevich; Avramchuk, Valery Stepanovich
2019Prospects for the Use of Wireless Reading of Prosthetic Control Signals and Methods for Generating CommandsMalakhov, Demyan; Gryaznov, Denis; Zhmud, Vadim; Nosek, Jaroslav; Avramchuk, Valery Stepanovich; Dimitrov, Lubomir
2017The time-frequency method of signal analysis in internal combustion engine diagnosticsAvramchuk, Valery Stepanovich; Kazmin, Viktor Pavlovich; Faerman, Vladimir Andreevich; Le, V. T.