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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016About electric power safety in the XXIMalygin, S. A.; Balastov, Aleksey Vladimirovich
2016The additive technology in nuclear power plantsVergaskina, M. A.
2016Aerosols formation and alteration simulation in the primary heat carrier circuit of a NPP's reactor during a hypothetical beyond design conditions accident involving fission products releaseGerdt, S. E.
2016Complex of technologies for the power-generating equipment eco-friendly shutdownKonovalenkov, K. I.
2016Deformation in the RBMK graphite stacksNechupey, I. A.
2016Development of innovation methods by the affection at extreme impact on the basis of laser, nuclear and biological technologiesBorisov, V. Y.
2017Energy Resources Consumption Minimization in Housing ConstructionBalastov, Aleksey Vladimirovich; Kachalov, Nikolay Aleksandrovich; Senkiv, Elena; Kachalova, Olga
2014Extensive transmission of powerChistikhin, A.; Balastov, Aleksey Vladimirovich
2016Improving the reliability and safety of NPPSUshakov, A. S.; Balastov, Aleksey Vladimirovich
2016Improving the reliability and safety of nuclear power plantsUshakov, A. S.
2014Investigation of radiation by Geiger- Muller counting tubeMalyanova, M. S.; Balastov, Aleksey Vladimirovich
2016Life cycle of nuclear power plantsSavitskiy, D. Y.
2016Methods for recycling of solid precipitateMaykova, S. A.
2016Perceptron neural network. Potential way of usePolovnikov, D. I.
2014Power apparatus and systems malfunction diagnostic on the basis of its own electromagnetic emission analysisVassilyeva, Yu.; Balastov, Aleksey Vladimirovich
2016Problems and prospects of nuclear power in the modern worldLazarenko, E. O.; Balastov, Aleksey Vladimirovich
2014Prospects of nuclear energy research and analysis of the position of people on this issueAlekseev, N. N.; Balastov, Aleksey Vladimirovich
2016The Solar ChimneyMinor, A. A.; Balastov, Aleksey Vladimirovich
2014Wind power benefitsGordinski, E. I.; Balastov, Aleksey Vladimirovich