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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Classification of Vegetation to Estimate Forest Fire Danger Using Landsat 8 Images: Case StudyYankovich, Kseniya Stanislavovna; Yankovich, Elena Petrovna; Baranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich
2016Focused sunlight factor of forest fire danger assessment using Web-GIS and RS technologiesBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Sherstnev, Vladislav Stanislavovich; Yankovich, Elena Petrovna; Engel, Marina Vladimirovna; Belov, V. V.
2018GIS-technologies and mathematical simulation to predict lightning-caused forest fire dangerBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Zakharevich, Arkadiy Vladimirovich
2017Heat Transfer in Human Skin Exposed to Radiation from Forest Fire Taking Into Account Moisture EvaporationPoptsov, Nikolay; Baranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich
2016Information-algorithmic basis of a program complex for forest fire danger estimationEngel, Marina Vladimirovna; Belov, V. V.; Baranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Yankovich, Elena Petrovna
2016Joint processing of RS and WWLLN data for forest fire danger estimation: new conceptBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Yankovich, Elena Petrovna; Krechetova, Svetlana Yurjevna; Belikova, Marina Yurjevna; Kocheeva, Nina Alekseevna; Yankovich, Elena Petrovna
2017Mathematical Computing of Coniferous Tree Ignition by the Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Discharge using Joule-Lenz's LawBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Kuznetsov, Geny Vladimirovich; Nemova, Tatjyana Nikolaevna
2016Mathematical Model of Heat Transfer in Morphological Part of Vegetation at Influence by Thermal Radiation from Surface Forest Fire FrontBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Demikhova, Alena
2019Mathematical Modeling of Heat Transfer in an Element of Combustible Plant Material When Exposed to Radiation from a Forest FireBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Demikhova, Alena Nikolaevna
2016Mathematical Modeling of Thermal Influence from Forest Fire Front on a Coniferous Tree TrunkBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Barakhnin, Vladimir; Andreeva, Ksenia
2020Mathematical Simulation of Forest Fire Impact on Industrial Facilities and Wood-Based BuildingsBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Malinin, Aleksey Olegovich
2017Mathematical simulation of the forest fire thermal effect on root system fragments of coniferous treeBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Zakovryashin, Dmitry
2015Numerical research of heated up to high temperatures particle influence on human skinBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Solodkin, Andrey
2016Scenario Modeling of Thermal Influence from Forest Fire Front on a Coniferous Tree TrunkBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Barakhnin, Vladimir; Andreeva, Ksenia
2016Spatial Mathematical Model of Heat Transfer in Human Skin Influenced by Heated up to High Temperatures ParticleBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Solodkin, Andrey; Stuparenko, Alexandr
2016Technologies of Physical Monitoring and Mathematical Modeling for Estimation of Ground Forest Fuel Fire ConditionBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Bazarov, Alexandr