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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Betatron radiography and tomography of steel castings with large thicknessKayralapov, Daniyar; Zhong Yang; Batranin, Andrey Viktorovich; Chakhlov, Sergey Vladimirovich
2017Checking the possibility of controlling fuel element by X-ray computerized tomographyTrinh, V. B.; Zhong, Y.; Osipov, Sergey Pavlovich; Batranin, Andrey Viktorovich
2019Development of electron-beam equipment and technology of layer welding of the wire in the conditions of additive technologiesFedorov, Vladislav Viktorovich; Klimenov, Vasily Aleksandrovich; Batranin, Andrey Viktorovich; Pardeep Ranga
2016Development of the method for the electron beam spatial distribution determination in the transverse planeStuchebrov, Sergey Gennadevich; Miloichikova, Irina Alekseevna; Batranin, Andrey Viktorovich; Danilova, Irina; Krasnykh, Angelina; Kudrina, Veronika
2015Evaluation of the modulation transfer function of a high energy X-ray tomographMamyrbaev, Talgat Askarbekovich
2016Generation and Analysis of Wire Rope Digital Radiographic ImagesChakhlov, Sergey Vladimirovich; Anpilogov, P.; Batranin, Andrey Viktorovich; Osipov, Sergey Pavlovich; Zhumabekova, Sh.; Yadrenkin, I.
2016Hard X–ray Laue monochromatorKocharian (Kocharyan), Vagan Rashidovich; Gogolev, Aleksey Sergeevich; Kiziridi, A. A.; Batranin, Andrey Viktorovich; Muradyan, T. R.
2016Modernization of the X-Ray Tomographic Scanner Based on Gas-Discharge Linear DetectorStuchebrov, Sergey Gennadevich; Batranin, Andrey Viktorovich; Miloichikova, Irina Alekseevna
2016Problems of Objects Identification in Three-dimensional X-ray TomographyMamyrbaev, Talgat Askarbekovich; Batranin, Andrey Viktorovich; Ivashkov, Denis Viktorovich
2016A Simple Approach of Presampled Modulation Transfer Function Measurement Tested on the Phoenix Nanotom ScannerIvashkov, D.; Batranin, Andrey Viktorovich; Mamyrbaev, Talgat Askarbekovich
2018X-ray imaging and computed tomography of conifer tree rings for climatological purposesBondarenko, Svetlana Leonidovna; Batranin, Andrey Viktorovich; Smirnov, Sergey Vasiljevich; Stuchebrov, Sergey Gennadevich
2015X-ray micro tomography of a nano-satelliteMamyrbayev, T. A.