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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Application of Hybrid Real-Time Power System Simulator for Designing and Researching of Relay Protection and AutomationBorovikov, Yuri Sergeevich; Sulaymanov, Almaz Omurzakovich; Andreev, Mikhail Vladimirovich
2015Energy-Saving Vibration Impulse Coal Degradation at Finely Dispersed Coal-Water Slurry PreparationMoiseev, V. A.; Andrienko, V. G.; Pileckij, V. G.; Zarogatskij, L. P.; Borovikov, Yuri Sergeevich; Gubin, Vladimir Evgenievich; Matveev, Aleksandr Sergeevich
2015Intelligent Electric Power Systems with Active-Adaptive Electric Networks: Challenges for Simulation ToolsUfa, Ruslan Alexandrovich; Sulaymanova, Venera Almazovna; Borovikov, Yuri Sergeevich
2017Mathematical Simulation of the Transformer Differential Protection, Based on the Time-Impulse PrincipleAndreev, Mikhail Vladimirovich; Borovikov, Yuri Sergeevich; Ruban, Nikolay Yurievich; Khlebov, Aleksey
2007Method for basic measurement adjustment of commutator profilesBorovikov, Yuri Sergeevich; Kachin, Sergey Ilyich; Sablukov, V. Yu.
2017Research of the surge voltage protection by means of Hybrid Real-Time Power System SimulatorStavitsky, Sergey; Borovikov, Yuri Sergeevich; Bay, Yuly Dmitrievich
2015Simulation of automatic frequency and power regulatorsBorovikov, Yuri Sergeevich; Pischulin, A. Y.; Ufa, Ruslan Alexandrovich
2017Software and Hardware Complex for Setting of Automatic Excitation Regulators of TurbogeneratorsSulaymanova, Venera Almazovna; Borovikov, Yuri Sergeevich; Andreev, Mikhail Vladimirovich; Suvorov, Aleksey Aleksandrovich
2015Theoretical Research of Coal Gasification Products Burning in Boilers at Tomsk Thermal Power Plant-3Somov, A. A.; Mel'nikov, D. A.; Gvozdyakov, Dmitry Vasilievich; Gubin, Vladimir Evgenievich; Borovikov, Yuri Sergeevich; Matveev, Aleksandr Sergeevich