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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysis of short-term well operation and recommendations for Electric Submersible Pump optimizationTsivelev, K. V.
2018Application of hydraulic flow units for enhanced reservoir descriptionNabokin, I. R.
2019Application of optimization technology for the study of the chemical and petrophysycal properties container rockMorev, V. A.
2020Application of the Schmidt hammer for detecting of uncompacted and unconsolidated core samplesMorev, V. A.
2018Express segregation of heavily claiysh samples during the petrophysical studiesMorev, V. A.
2019Formation classification based on the well logs data with the use of machine learningKanaev, I. S.
2017Geological structure and future developments of Ust-Tym depressionMilke, А. А.
2018Hydrate formation as the main problem during gas-condensate field exploitationZipir, V. G.
2018Identification of drilling wells prospectivity in tectonic deformation areas of Paleozoic deposits in the Tomsk regionTrushko, A. S.; Berezovskiy, Yu. S.
2018The influence of horizontal wells' drilling course on productivity: the case study of field X in West SiberiaTrushko, A. S.; Berezovskiy, Yu. S.
2016Integral analysis of geological and field data for selection of oilfield development strategyTsivelev, K. V.; Milke, A. A.
2019Integrated asset modeling for optimization of Western Siberia gas condensate field productionZipir, V. G.
2018Lithology and conditions for formation of the lower-medium-jurassic deposits of the South-Eastern part of the Western-Siberian plate in connection with their oil and gas efficiencyZaripova, A. D.
2020Machine learning algorithm for formation properties prediction based on well log dataKanaev, I. S.
2018Repeated hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells with uncemented linerTsivelev, K. V.
2019Sedimentological model of the lower middle Jurassic deposits in the south-east of Western SiberiaZaripova, A. D.
2019Theory and practice of measuring the petrophysical characteristics of rocksMorev, V. A.
2017Tubing corrosion analysisMilke, А. А.
2019The use of modified Dykstra-Parsons coefficient to allow the influence of natural fracturing in simulation models for the optimal development strategy selectionBalashov, D. A.
2020Исследование влияния анизотропии проницаемости на разработку модельного блока терригенного нефтенасыщенного коллектора в ходе гидродинамических расчётовЕрмеков, Роман Игоревич; Коровин, Михаил Олегович; Меркулов, Виталий Павлович; Чернова, Оксана Сергеевна; Ermekov, Roman Igorevich; Korovin, Mikhail Olegovich; Merkulov, Vitaly Pavlovich; Chernova, Oksana Sergeevna