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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessment of Smart Technologies Implementation in Challenged People Life in TomskMakienko, Marina Alekseevna; Ardashkin, Igor Borisovich; Chmykhalo, Aleksandr Yurievich
2017Corporate Social Responsibility in Kazakhstan: challenges and prospectsMikhaylova (Mikhailova), Olga Vladimirovna; Chmykhalo, Aleksandr Yurievich; Shefer, Yelizaveta
2015Features of the Advancement of Science as an Integral Part of the National Innovation System in Modern RussiaChmykhalo, Aleksandr Yurievich; Abushaeva, Magipervas Enverovna
2017Human Resourcing Challenges of The Smart Grids Deployment Projects in RussiaChmykhalo, Aleksandr Yurievich; Khaliulina, Vasilya; Mikhaylova (Mikhailova), Olga Vladimirovna
2016Innovation development in Russia: the value aspectChmykhalo, Aleksandr Yurievich; Mikhaylova (Mikhailova), Olga Vladimirovna; Vtorushin, Nikolay Anatolievich; Bykov, Roman
2017Innovative activity development at technical university (Russian characteristic aspects, problems and solution)Chmykhalo, Aleksandr Yurievich; Vtorushin, Nikolay Anatolievich; Derkach, Alena; Shmakova, Alina
2015Innovative Power Systems and the Formation of the Creative Class in RussiaChmykhalo, Aleksandr Yurievich; Khaliulina, Vasilya; Abushaeva, Magipervas Enverovna
2015Problems and Perspectives of Performance of Higher Education Institutions in the Development of Russian Innovative System (Regional Aspect)Chmykhalo, Aleksandr Yurievich; Khasanshin (Hasanshin), Yuriy Renatovich