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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Application of the programmable logic controller GLOFA-GM7 in industryPletnev, A. O.; Fedorov, D. S.
2014Calculating methods of the polarization radiation characteristicsKornoukhova, E. V.
2014Calculation of energy release function of focused ion beam in solidsRyabkina, X. S.
2016Development of device for self-sustained gas discharge using high voltage generatorKrotkevich, D. G.; Akimchenko, I. O.; Buyluk, A. O.; Zelentsov, D. M.
2014Development of dynamic, space distributed mathematical model of DCT of production uranium hexafluoride and the further modeling of processGolubev, S. P.
2014Development of pulse oximetry for application in medicineMartemyanova, N. I.
2016Dynamics of hydrogen accumulation in the alloy tini at electrochemical hydrogenationMerkulova, M.; Mustakhieva, D.
2016Experiments on rehabilitation of radioactive metallic waste (RMW) of reactor stainless steels of Siberian chemical plantKolpakov, Gennadiy Nikolaevich; Zakusilov, Vladislav Vladimirovich; Demyanenko, Natalia Vladimirovna; Mishin, A. S.
2014Generator analog and digital signalsPopov, Aleksandr Sergeevich
2014The implementation of TCP/IP stack at the laboratory development board SDK 2.0Kornoukhova, E. V.
2014Influence of thermophysical properties of the solid dependence from temperature on the thermal characteristics and erosion under the action of high-power pulsed ion beamsTruntseva, R. P.
2017Methods of radiation and environmental studies of build-up areas and their analysisRyzhakova (Rizhakova), Nadezhda Kirillovna; Shilova, K. O.; Udalov, А. А.; Demyanenko, Natalia Vladimirovna
2014The modification of polytetrafluoroethylene surface using hydroxyapatite coating deposited by RF-magnetron methodPryamushko, T. S.; Grubova, Irina Yurievna; Banin, R. O.
2014Nuclear security culturePerminova, M. V.
2014Parameterization of the turbulent diffusion coefficient of industrial emissionsPokrovskaya, Elena Aleksandrovna; Babicheva, V. O.
2014Study of the defect structure's evolution of the titanium alloy VT1-0 after thermohydrogen cycling by positron annihilation spectroscopyKhusaeva, O. V.; Bordulev, Yuri Sergeevich; Kudiyarov, Victor Nikolaevich
2014Technology of procrssing uranium hexafluoride using to ammonium fluorideKurchenko, Evgeniy Igorevich