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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Application of Cumene Technology Mathematical ModelChudinova, Alena Igorevna; Salischeva, Anastasiya; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Moyzes, Olga Efimovna; Gavrikov, Aleksey Alekseevich
2016Application of Mathematical Modeling for Optimization of Linear Alkylbenzenes Sulphonation Modes in Film ReactorIvanchina, Emilia Dmitrievna; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Dolganova, Irena Olegovna; Dolganov, Igor Mikhailovich; Krutey, Aleksandr Andreevich
2016Calculation Method to Determine the Group Composition of Vacuum Distillate with High Content of Saturated HydrocarbonsNazarova, Galina Yurievna; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Shafran, Tatyana; Belinskaya, Natalia Sergeevna
2015CFD - Programme Fur Analyse Der Arbeit Von Erdolchemischen ProductionsausrustungBekker, A. V.; Khlebnikova, A. L.
2014Comparison between Alkylation and Transalkylation Reactions Using ab Initio ApproachNurmakanova, A.; Chudinova, Alena Igorevna; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Syskina, Anna Aleksandrovna
2016Computer modeling and software development for unsteady chemical technological systemsDolganov, Igor Mikhailovich; Dolganova, Irena Olegovna; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Pisarev, Mikhail Olegovich
2018Deactivation patterns of zeolite-containing catalysts of catalytic crackingNazarova, Galina Yurievna; Shafran, T. A.; Kislinskaya, A. A.
2015Determination of structural-group composition of catalytic cracking raw materials and products for development of mathematical modelNazarova, Galina Yurievna; Kiseleva, S. V.
2017Development of mathematical model of catalytic cracking taking into account the irreversibility criterion of reactionsNazarova, Galina Yurievna; Shafran, T. A.; Stebeneva, V. I.; Protsenko, Ch. S.
2014Effect of Feed Composition Changing at Naphtha Catalytic Reforming Unit Due to Involvement of Gasoline Fraction Obtained by Diesel Fuels Hydrodewaxing into the ProcessingBelinskaya, Natalia Sergeevna; Ivanchina, Emilia Dmitrievna; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Frantsina, Evgeniya Vladimirovna; Silko, Galina Yurievna
2016Effect of Group Composition of the Vacuum Distillate from Heavy Kazakhstan and West Siberian Oil on the Yield of Light Fractions During the Catalytic CrackingNazarova, Galina Yurievna; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Ivanchina, Emilia Dmitrievna; Stebeneva, Valeriya Igorevna; Seytenova, G. Zh.
2014Estimation of Sulfocationites Application Expediency as Catalysts of Benzene Alkylation Process with PropyleneChudinova, Alena Igorevna; Salischeva, A. A.; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Reutova, O. A.; Gulyaev, K. S.; Demin, A. M.; Syskina, Anna Aleksandrovna
2015Formalization of hydrocarbon conversion scheme of catalytic cracking for mathematical model developmentNazarova, Galina Yurievna; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Ivanchina, Emilia Dmitrievna; Kiseleva, S.; Stebeneva, V.
2014Hydrodynamics of Reactant Mixing in Benzene with Ethylene AlkylationKhlebnikova, Elena Sergeevna; Bekker, A.; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna
2016The impact of catalyst temperature from regenerator on the catalytic cracking process performanceNazarova, Galina Yurievna; Stebeneva, V. I.; Khan, A. A.
2016Impact of slops flow on the process efficiency in the catalytic cracking reactorNazarova, Galina Yurievna; Stebeneva, V. I.; Kiselyova, S. V.
2017Improving the benzene alkylation catalyst performance with use of computer modeling systemDolganova, Irena Olegovna; Dolganov, Igor Mikhailovich; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna
2014Improving the Efficiency of Dehydrogenation Catalyst Resource while Reducing the H[2] Gas Circulation RatIvashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Ivanchina, Emilia Dmitrievna; Frantsina, Evgeniya Vladimirovna; Platonov, V. V.; Glik, P. A.; Volkov, M. A.; Kolmogorova, V. А.
2016Increasing of efficiency and stability of alkylbenzene sulphuric acid generation unit equipmentDolganova, Irena Olegovna
2016Increasing the Efficiency of Liquid Phase Alkylation of Benzene with Propylene Using the Method of Mathematical ModelingChudinova, Alena Anatoljevna; Buchatskaya, N. I.; Ivashkina, Elena Nikolaevna; Salishcheva, Anastasiya Aleksandrovna; Gavrikov, Aleksey Alekseevich; Nurmakanova, Asem Eslyambekovna; Khlebnikova, Elena Sergeevna