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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Economic and Technological Role of Kuzbass Industry in the Implementation of National Energy Strategy of Russian FederationZhironkin, Sergey Aleksandrovich; Khoreshok, Aleksey Alekseevich; Tyulenev, M. A.; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna; Hellmer, M. C.
2017From Mining to Post-Mining: The Sustainable Development Strategy of the German Hard Coal Mining IndustryKretschmann, J.; Efremenkov, Andrey Borisovich; Khoreshok, Aleksey Alekseevich
2016Influence of the Rigid Connection Between Discs in the Tetrahedral Prisms on Equivalent Stresses When Cutting Work FacesKhoreshok, Aleksey Alekseevich; Mametyev, L. E.; Borisov, A. Yu.; Vorobyev, Aleksey Vasilievich
2016Innovative Technics of Managing Engineers' Global CompetenciesKhoreshok, Aleksey Alekseevich; Zhironkin, Sergey Aleksandrovich; Tyulenev, M. A.; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna; Blumenstein, V. Yu.; Hellmer, M. C.; Potyagailov, S. V.
2016The Load Capability Dependence on Characteristics of Driven Disks in a Lockup Assembly of an Overload Hydrodynamic CouplingKhoreshok, Aleksey Alekseevich; Murin, Aleksey Vikentievich; Filonov, Vadim Vyacheslavovich
2017A Method of Effective Quarry Water Purifying Using Artificial Filtering ArraysTyulenev, Maksim Anatolievich; Garina, E.; Khoreshok, Aleksey Alekseevich; Litvin, O.; Litvin, Y.; Maliukhina, E.
2016Simulation of Stress-Strain State of Shovel Rotary Support KingpinKhoreshok, Aleksey Alekseevich; Buyankin, P. V.; Vorobyev, Aleksey Vasilievich; Dronov, Anton Anatolievich