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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Addition of heavy n-paraffins as a way improving the effectiveness of depressor additivesOrlova, Anna Markovna; Kirgina, Mariya Vladimirovna
2014Calculation of Gasoline Octane Numbers Taking into Account the Reaction Interaction of Blend ComponentsMaylin, M. V.; Kirgina, Mariya Vladimirovna; Sviridova, E. V.; Sakhnevitch, B. V.; Ivanchina, Emilia Dmitrievna
2015Comparison between mathematical models used for calculations of diesel fuel fractions cetane indexesBogdanov, I. A.; Altynov, A. A.
2014Complex System for Gasoline Blending MaintenanceSakhnevitch, B. V.; Kirgina, Mariya Vladimirovna; Chekantsev, Nikita Vitalievich; Ivanchina, Emilia Dmitrievna; Syskina, Anna Aleksandrovna
2015Correction of gasoline blending recipes with the use of computer modelling systemKirgina, Mariya Vladimirovna; Sviridova, Ekaterina Andreevna; Sakhnevich, B.; Chekantsev, Nikita Vitalievich; Ivanchina, Emilia Dmitrievna
2017Development of gasoline blending recipes taking into account volume and composition of the involved feedstockSviridova, E. V.; Kirgina, Mariya Vladimirovna
2017Development of trade gasoline blendsAmatova, B. K.; Kirgina, Mariya Vladimirovna
2015Development the logical algorithm for optimal gasoline blendingSakhnevich, Bogdan V.
2019Group composition of diesel fuel as a factor of different susceptibility of low-temperature additivesBogdanov, I. A.; Altynov, A. A.
2019The influence of zeoforming process temperature on the products compositionAltynov, A. A.; Bogdanov, I. A.
2015Investigation of contaminated soil by oil of Shapshinskaya group of oilfieldsPechenov, E. E.
2018Investigation of the composition and properties of straight-run diesel fuelsBogdanov, I. A.; Altynov, A. A.
2019Mathematical modeling of catalytic reforming processDolgov, I. R.
2016Quality monitoring of diesel fuel available at filling stations of Tomsk cityAltynov, A. A.; Bogdanov, I. A.
2017Software for con trol and planning the prod uction of di esel fuelsAltynov, A. A.; Bogdanov, I. A.; Kirgina, Mariya Vladimirovna
2018Stable gas condensate as raw material of the zeoforming process: possibilities of useAltynov, A. A.; Bogdanov, I. A.
2014Ultradispersed Hydrocarbon Synthesis Catalyst from CO and H[2] Based on Electroexplosion of Iron PowderPopok, Evgeniy Vladimirovich; Levashova, Albina Ivanovna; Chekantsev, Nikita Vitalievich; Kirgina, Mariya Vladimirovna; Rafegerst, K. V.