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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20193D printing of polymer matrix composites for space: A review andpromisesYurkina, Varvara Alexandrovna; Klimenov, Vasily Aleksandrovich; Kornienko, Lyudmila
2011Application of atomic force microscopy methods for testing the surface parameters of coatings of medical implantsKlimenov, Vasily Aleksandrovich; Tverdokhlebov, Sergei Ivanovich; Bolbasov, Evgeny Nikolaevich; Shesterikov, Evgeny Viktorovich; Novikov, Vadim Aleksandrovich; Volokitina, Tatiana Leonidovna
2019Development of electron-beam equipment and technology of layer welding of the wire in the conditions of additive technologiesFedorov, Vladislav Viktorovich; Klimenov, Vasily Aleksandrovich; Batranin, Andrey Viktorovich; Pardeep Ranga
2016Investigations and Non-destructive Testing in New Building DesignKlimenov, Vasily Aleksandrovich; Ovchinnikov, A.; Osipov, Sergey Pavlovich; Stein, Aleksandr Mikhailovich; Ustinov, A.; Danilson, A.
2019Oriented polypropylene film technologiesKlimenov, Vasily Aleksandrovich; Mikutskiy, Evgeny
2016Research of Adhesion Bonds Between Gas-Thermal Coating and Pre-Modified BaseKovalevskaya, Zhanna Gennadievna; Zaitsev, Konstantin Viktorovich; Klimenov, Vasily Aleksandrovich
2015Research of surface activating influence on formation of adhesion between gas-thermal coating and steel substrateKovalevskaya, Zhanna Gennadievna; Klimenov, Vasily Aleksandrovich; Zaitsev, Konstantin Viktorovich
2015Ultrasonic plastic deformation of steelsZaitsev, Konstantin Viktorovich; Klimenov, Vasily Aleksandrovich; Loshchilova, Marina Andreevna; Polovnikov, C.
2015Ultrasonic Surface Treatment of Titanium Alloys. The Submicrocrystalline StateKlimenov, Vasily Aleksandrovich; Vlasov, V. A.; Borozna, Vyacheslav Yurievich; Klopotov, A. A.