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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Combined surface modification of commercial aluminumIvanov, Yuriy Fedorovich; Lopatin, I.; Akhmadeev, Yu.; Petrikova, E.; Teresov, A.; Shugurov, V.; Tolkachev, O.; Koval, Nikolay Nikolaevich
2015Electron source with a multi-apertured plasma emitterVorobyov, M. S.; Koval, Nikolay Nikolaevich; Sulakshin, S. A.
2017Electron-ion-plasma modification of the structure and properties of commercial steelsIvanov, Yuriy Fedorovich; Klopotov, A.; Potekaev, A.; Koval, Nikolay Nikolaevich; Vlasov, V.
2016Energy Fluxes and Radiation Effects (EFRE-2016): International Congress, October 2–7, 2016, Tomsk, Russia: abstracts-
2019Gas Discharge Plasmas and Their Applications (GDP 2019): 14th International Conference, September 15–21, 2019, Tomsk, Russia: abstracts-
2015Investigation of the stability of the electron source with a multi-aperture plasma emitter generating a large cross-section electron beamVorobyov, M. S.; Koval, Nikolay Nikolaevich; Sulakshin, S. A.; Shugurov, V. V.
2015Modernization of cathode assemblies of electron sources based on low pressure arc dischargeDevyatkov, V. N.; Vorobyov, M. S.; Koval, Nikolay Nikolaevich; Shugurov, V. V.
2017Modernization of electron accelerator with a large cross section beam for radiation effects on materialsVorobyov, M. S.; Denisov, V. V.; Koval, Nikolay Nikolaevich; Sulakshin, S. A.; Shugurov, Vladimir Viktorovich; Yakovlev, V. V.
2014Nonequilibrium structural condition in the medical TiNi-based alloy surface layer treated by electron beamNeiman, A. A.; Meisner, L. L.; Lotkov, A. I.; Koval, Nikolay Nikolaevich; Semin, V. O.; Teresov, A. D.