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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The character of fracture of iron based thermal coating during frettingKovalevskaya, Zhanna Gennadievna; Kovalevskiy, E. A.; Khimich, M. A.
2015Investigation of high-energy external influences on structural heredity of the Ti-Nb alloyKhimich, M. A.; Parilov, E. A.; Kovalevskaya, Zhanna Gennadievna; Sharkeev, Yury Petrovich
2016The investigation of the influence of formation conditions on the structure of Ti-40Nb alloyKovalevskaya, Zhanna Gennadievna; Sharkeev, Yury Petrovich; Khimich, Margarita; Parilov, Evgeny; Glukhov, Ivan; Komarova, Ekaterina
2017Obtaining of bioinert alloy with low young's modulus and products for medical applications by selective laser meltingSharkeev, Yury Petrovich; Saprykin, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich; Dmitriev, Andrey Ivanovich; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna; Kovalevskaya, Zhanna Gennadievna; Eroshenko, A.Yu.; Khimich, M. A.; Fedorov, V. V.
2016Pecularities of biomedical TI-NB alloys, prepared by electron arc melting and selective laser meltingKhimich, M. A.; Glukhov, I. A.; Parilov, E. A.
2016Phase Composition and Microstructure of Ti-Nb Alloy Produced by Selective Laser MeltingSharkeev, Yury Petrovich; Eroshenko, A. Yu.; Kovalevskaya, Zhanna Gennadievna; Saprykin, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich; Ibragimov, Egor Arturovich; Glukhov, I. A.; Chimich, M. A.; Uvarkin, P. V.; Babakova, Elena Vladimirovna
2016Research of Adhesion Bonds Between Gas-Thermal Coating and Pre-Modified BaseKovalevskaya, Zhanna Gennadievna; Zaitsev, Konstantin Viktorovich; Klimenov, Vasily Aleksandrovich
2015Research of surface activating influence on formation of adhesion between gas-thermal coating and steel substrateKovalevskaya, Zhanna Gennadievna; Klimenov, Vasily Aleksandrovich; Zaitsev, Konstantin Viktorovich
2014Studying of the structure, physical and mechanical properties of Ti-Nb alloy billets produced by arc melting before severe plastic deformationKhimich, M. A.; Parilov, E. A.; Belyakov, A. V.
2018Towards development of personalized implants with antibacterial bioactive coating by the selective laser melting and RF magnetron sputtering methodsProsolov, K. A.; Khimich, M. A.; Ibragimov, Egor Arturovich; Kovalevskaya, Zhanna Gennadievna; Saprykin, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich; Sharkeev, Yury Petrovich