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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Balancing fast-rotating parts of hand-held machine driveKorotkov, Vladimir Sergeevich; Sikora, Evgeny Alexandrovich; Nadeina, Louise Vasilievna; Wang Yongzheng
2016Composition of Powders Produced by Electrospark Dispersion of Metal Granules in WaterZhuravkov, Sergey Petrovich; Lobanova, Galina Leonidovna; Pustovalov, Aleksey Vitalievich; Slyadnikov, P. E.; Nadeina, Louise Vasilievna
2016Dust pollution of snow cover in the industrial areas of Tomsk city (Western Siberia, Russia)Talovskaya, Anna Valerievna; Filimonenko, Ekaterina Anatolievna; Osipova, Nina Aleksandrovna; Yazikov, Yegor (Egor) Grigoryevich; Nadeina, Louise Vasilievna
2019False cognates in English technical textsSpiridonova, I. A.
2017The main linguistic and stylistic features of youth slang in the modern English languageShinkovskaya, А. N.
2019Metaphorical nomination of equipment in oil and gas industryPetrova, V. V.
2015Microbiological composition of river waters in the Ob' basin (West Siberia) and its associations with hydrochemical indicesSavichev, Oleg Gennadievich; Tokarenko, Olga Grigorievna; Pasechnik, Elena Yurievna; Nalivayko, Nina Grigorievna; Ivanova, Е. A.; Nadeina, Louise Vasilievna
2016Modification of natural sorbent for providing it with bactericidal and bacteriostatic propertiesMartemianova, Irina; Nadeina, Louise Vasilievna; Plotnikov, Evgeny Vladimirovich; Martemyanov, Dmitry Vladimirovich
2019Peculiarities of nomination in petroleum industry termsPortnyagin, A. L.
2015Study of Sorption Properties of Aluminium Oxides and Hydroxides Powders Obtained by Electro-Impulse MethodsZhuravkov, Sergey Petrovich; Lobanova, Galina Leonidovna; Martemyanov, Dmitry Vladimirovich; Nadeina, Louise Vasilievna
2018Volunteering is one of the best ways of improving EnglishNadeina, M. V.
2017Ways of neologism creation in the modern English languageOmirbekova, A. N.