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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis of landslide hazard in the south-east of the Kyrgyz RepublicRuslanova, K. R.
2015Characterization of copper nanopowders after natural agingAmelkovich, Yuliya Alexandrovna; Nazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna; Sechin, Aleksandr Ivanovich; Visakh, P. M.
2016Effect of Boric Acid on Volatile Products of Thermooxidative Degradation of Epoxy PolymersNazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna; Bukhareva, P. B.; Melnikova, T. V.; Visakh, P. M.
2017Effect of electron beam irradiation on thermal and mechanical properties of epoxy polymerNguyen, A. T.; Visakh, P. M.; Nazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna; Chandran, C. S.; Melnikova, T. V.
2021Effect of iron nanopowder on flammability of epoxy compositesNazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna; Lipchansky, D. S.; Smirnova, I. N.
2018Effect of Shivirtui zeolite on thermal and thermooxidative destruction of epoxy compositesMurashkina, Y. S.; Nazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna
2017Influence of long-term storage on fire hazard properties of metal nanopowdersKyrmakova, Olga Sergeevna; Sechin, Aleksandr Ivanovich; Nazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna
2021Influence of modified natural zeolite on the thermal stability of epoxy based compositesMurashkina, Y. S.; Martemyanov, Dmitry Vladimirovich; Nazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna
2016Thermal and Mechanical Characteristics of Polymer Composites Based on Epoxy Resin, Aluminium Nanopowders and Boric AcidNazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna; Melnikova, T. V.; Visakh, P. M.
2020Thermal Behavior and Flammability of Epoxy Composites Based on Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Expanded Graphite: A Comparative StudyBannov, Aleksandr Georgievich; Nazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna; Maksimovsky, Evgeny Anatoljevich; Popov, Maksim Viktorovich; Berdyugina, Irina Sergeevna
2015Thermal properties of epoxy composites filled with boric acidVisakh, P. M.; Nazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna; Amelkovich, Yuliya Alexandrovna; Melnikova, T. V.
2018Thermooxidative degradation of metal nanopowders/epoxy compositesLypchansky, D. S.; Nazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna
2014Verwendung des Titandioxid-Nanopulvers fur die photokatalytische AbwasserbehandlungBatalova, A. Y.; Sysa, Elena Alexandrowna
2018Wastewater treatment of galvanic production using natural zeoliteNovikova, A. L.; Nazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna; Martemyanov, Dmitry Vladimirovich