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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The dynamics of thermal regime changes of a local working zone in conditions of its heating by gas infrared radiatorsNee, Aleksandr Eduardovich
2016Mathematical Modeling of Hydrodynamic and Heat Transfer in a Two-Phase ThermosyphonNee, Aleksandr Eduardovich; Nurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly
2015Mathematical modeling of radiant heating of a closed rectangular area under conditions of convective heat transfer at the external boundariesNee, Aleksandr Eduardovich
2016Mathematical Modelling of Force Convection in a Two-Phase Thermosyphon in Conjugate FormulationNurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly; Nee, Aleksandr Eduardovich
2017Numerical Analysis of Three-Dimensional Natural Convection in a Closed Rectangular Cavity Under Conditions of Radiant Heating and Conjugate Heat ExchangeNee, Aleksandr Eduardovich
2016Numerical Modeling of Conjugate Thermogravitational Convection in a Closed System with a Radiant Energy Source in Conditions of Convective-Radiative Heat Exchange at the External BoundaryNee, Aleksandr Eduardovich
2017Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer in a closed two - phase geothermal thermosyphonValieva, Lily; Nee, Aleksandr Eduardovich
2015Numerical Study of the Thermally Conductive Finite Thickness Walls Impact on Heat Transfer Regime in a Closed System in Conditions of Radiant Energy SupplyNee, Aleksandr Eduardovich
2016Simulation of Turbulent Natural Convection in a Local Zone of Largescale Area Under Conditions of the Radiant Energy SupplyNee, Aleksandr Eduardovich; Valieva, Liliya
2016Two-Dimensional Problem of Turbulent Natural Convection in a Semi-Open Cavity with Radiant Heating of Internal BoundariesNee, Aleksandr Eduardovich; Valieva, Liliya