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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Actual and available electrical quantities and their imbalances for power system nodesBay, Yuly Dmitrievich; Andreev, Mikhail Vladimirovich; Ruban, Nikolay Yurievich; Ufa, Ruslan Alexandrovich; Suvorov, Aleksey Aleksandrovich; Stavitsky, S. A.; Kievets, A. V.; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich
2019Analysis of the Influence of Wind Turbines on the Power Line Protection OperationRuban, Nikolay Yurievich; Tkachenko, Sergey; Askarov, Alisher Bakhramzhonovich; Kievets, Anton Vladimirovich
2018Analysis of the use of multiterminal HVDCMaltsev, A. P.; Ruban, Nikolay Yurievich; Rudnik, Vladimir Evgenevich; Ufa, Ruslan Alexandrovich
2015Application of Detailed Phase Comparison Protection Models for the Analysis of its Operation in Networks with Facts DevicesRuban, Nikolay Yurievich; Gusev, Alexander Sergeevich; Pishchulin, Alexey
2017Comparison of qualities and capabilities of the "EUROSTAG" software and the Hybrid Real Time Power System SimulatorMaltsev, Alexey; Ufa, Ruslan Alexandrovich; Ruban, Nikolay Yurievich
2017The concept of usage HRTSIM as a device for setting and certification of AVRAskarov, Alisher; Ruban, Nikolay Yurievich
2019Justification of the double fed induction generator model for estimation of the influence of wind power installations on the operation mode of power systemsRuban, Nikolay Yurievich; Askarov, Alisher Bakhramzhonovich; Daminova, Ekaterina Sergeevna
2017Mathematical Simulation of the Transformer Differential Protection, Based on the Time-Impulse PrincipleAndreev, Mikhail Vladimirovich; Borovikov, Yuri Sergeevich; Ruban, Nikolay Yurievich; Khlebov, Aleksey
2015Real-time comprehensive simulation of electric power systems for the task of overvoltages value determinationRuban, Nikolay Yurievich; Gusev, Alexander Sergeevich; Sulaymanova, Venera Almazovna
2016Research of PSCAD software system opportunities for adequate simulation of automatic voltage regulators with forced control of synchronous generatorsAskarov, A. B.; Ruban, Nikolay Yurievich
2019Review of grid codes: Ranges of frequency variationRuban, Nikolay Yurievich; Kinshin, Aleksey Igorevich; Gusev, Alexander Sergeevich
2017Simulation of a High-Frequency Link of Phase Comparison Protection of Transmission Lines for Optimization its SettingsRuban, Nikolay Yurievich; Sulaymanov, Almaz Omurzakovich; Ufa, Ruslan Alexandrovich; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich
2019Studies of the Impact of FACTS Devices on the Operation of Transmission Line ProtectionRuban, Nikolay Yurievich; Andreev, Nikita; Bay, Yuly Dmitrievich; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich