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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis constants for database of neutron nuclear dataBedenko, Sergey Vladimirovich; Joseph Jeremiah, J.; Knyshev, Vladimir Vladimirovich; Shamanin, Igor Vladimirovich
2016Electrophysical methods of separation of metal cations in the moving salts solutionGofman, Valery Nikolaevich; Tuksov, I. V.; Timchenko, Sergey Nikolaevich; Shamanin, Igor Vladimirovich; Poberezhnikov, Andrey Dmitrievich; Kazaryan, M. A.
2018Evaluation of the Perspectives of High-Temperature Technology for Decentralized Regions of the CountryKnyshev, Vladimir Vladimirovich; Shamanin, Igor Vladimirovich; Bedenko, Sergey Vladimirovich; Lutsik, I. O.; Karengin, Aleksander Grigorievich; Zorkin, A. I.
2017Excitation Frequencies of the Effects of Selective Drift of Solvated Cations in Moving Salts SolutionShamanin, Igor Vladimirovich; Kazaryan, Mishik Ayrazatovich; Gofman, Valery Nikolaevich; Timchenko, Sergey Nikolaevich; Poberezhnikov, Andrey Dmitrievich; Tuksov, Iljya Vladimirovich
2017Isotopic composition and radiation characteristics of the 4th generation reactor spent fuelShamanin, Igor Vladimirovich; Bedenko, Sergey Vladimirovich; Knyshev, Vladimir Vladimirovich; Ukrainets, O. A.; Zorkin, A. I.
2019Plasmachemical synthesis and evaluation of the thermal conductivity of metal-oxide compounds for prospective nuclear fuelShamanin, Igor Vladimirovich; Karengin, Aleksander Grigorievich; Novoselov, Ivan Yurievich; Karengin, Alexey Alexandrovich; Alyukov, E.; Poberezhnikov, Andrey Dmitrievich; Babaev, R.; Mendoza, O.
2016Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of the high- current emission lanthanum and niobium contained ceramicsDolmatov, Oleg Yurevich; Shamanin, Igor Vladimirovich; Chursin, Stanislav Sergeevich
2016Structure of salt solution in polar dielectric liquids and electrically-induced separation of solvated ionsShamanin, Igor Vladimirovich; Kazaryan, M. A.; Гофман, Валерий Николаевич; Timchenko, Sergey Nikolaevich; Tuksov, I. V.
2015Structure of salts solution in polar dielectric liquids and electrically induced separation of solvated ionsShamanin, Igor Vladimirovich; Kazaryan, Mishik; Sachkov, Victor