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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Acoustic depth sounderJu Yangyang; Komarov, S.
2016Brain computer interfaceFrolova, I. V.
2016Comparison of Three Different Methods for Pile Integrity Testing on a Cylindrical Homogeneous Polyamide SpecimenLugovtsova, Y. D.; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2019Compressive Sensing in the Problems of the Ultrasonic Signal ProcessingKozhemyak, Olesya Anatolievna; Stukach, Oleg Vladimirovich; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2019Controlling the operation of the intelligent generator and energy translator integrated from space and planetary objects as the elements of a power plants in space (in orbit)Grabchak, E. P.; Bortalevich, S. I.; Loginov, E. L.; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2015Data processing by FPGA chip-based SPA methodShulgin, E. M.; Shulgina, Yulia Viktorovna
2017Design of a kilowatt DC-DC converterHongxing Liu; Chenwei Fu; Na Li; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Wei Han
2015Different approaches for ultrasonic time-of-flight to measure distanceVinanthi, S. U.
2017Electronic load as part of the test complex of the power processing unit of electric and plasma propulsionChubov, S. V.; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2015Increasing of data processing speed for phased Array systemsShulgin, E. M.; Chiglinceva (Chiglintseva), Yulia Viktorovna
2015Measurement error reducing in the ultrasound time-pulse systemsSoldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Kozhemyak, Olesya Anatolievna; Soldatov, Andrey Alekseevich; Chiglinceva (Chiglintseva), Yulia Viktorovna
2015New generation acoustic borehole depth guideShulgin, E. M.; Chiglinceva (Chiglintseva), Yulia Viktorovna
2016Organization of the multiport memory and communication interface using the FPGAFrolov, M. S.
2016Simulation of Surface Oscillation of Ultrasound Sensor Based on Piezoelectric Semiconductor TransducerSoldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Soldatov, Andrey Alekseevich; Kostina, M. A.; Tolkatchev, V. F.
2016Small-angle tomography algorithm for transmission inspection of acoustic linear arraySoldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Soldatov, Andrey Alekseevich; Kostina, Masha; Bakanov, Petr; Polonskaya, Marina Sergeevna
2018Small-angle ultrasonic tomography with mills cross array for NDT: a simulation studyChang, J.; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2019Strategic planning of integrated development in the field of science and technology of the enterprises of the machine-building productionBortalevich, S. I.; Loginov, E. L.; Chinaliev, V. U.; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2017Surface inspection problems in thermoelectric testingAbouellail, Ahmed; Obach, Igor; Soldatov, Andrey Alekseevich; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2015The increase of ultrasound measurements accuracy with the use of two-frequency soundingShulgina, Yulia Viktorovna; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Rozanova, Yana Viktorovna; Soldatov, Andrey Alekseevich; Shulgin, E. M.
2015Ultrasonic distance measurementJu Yangyang