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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis of the effectiveness of basalt fiber pipes in the system of oilfield pipelinesVolzenina, D. A.; Vershkova, Elena Mikhailovna
2019The applicability of established rules of thumb in the modern paradigm of interpretation well testingMansurov, T. T.; Bocharov, E. O.
2019Capabilities of application of supersonic separators in the oil and gas industry: reviewSurzhenko, D. V.
2016Current situation of oil refinery in BulgariaVershkova, Elena Mikhailovna; Petinka Petkova; Grinkevich, Anastasia
2016Current trends in global oil refining industryPetkova, P. G.; Vershkova, Elena Mikhailovna
2019Development of heavy oil and bitumen fields with difficult construction wellsPolyakova, N. I.; Shupikov, A. A.; Vershkova, Elena Mikhailovna
2016Financial planning as a policy tool in the petroleum industry (the case study: ojsc "Surgutneftegas")Romanyuk, Vera Borisovna; Karyakina, Anna; Vershkova, Elena Mikhailovna; Grinkevish, Larisa; Pozdeeva, Galina Petrovna
2019Problems of oil production by means of gas hydrates on the shelf of the Barents SeaGorodilov, D. A.; Patrakeev, V. O.; Vershkova, Elena Mikhailovna
2016The program of energy efficiency of oil and gas companiesOstranicyn, I. S.; Rodionova, N. A.; Tugutova, S. S.
2016Retirement literacy as a basis for prospective retirees’ well-beingVershkova, Elena Mikhailovna; Filippova, Tatiana Vasilievna; Nekhoda, Evgeniy
2019Semi-empiricl theory of turbulent transport in the atmosphereGrishaev, V. Y.
2019Water control technology for production wellsGasanov, F. A.