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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Features of formation of structural-phase states on the surface of titanium alloy VT1-0 after electron-ion-plasma treatmentIvanov, Yury Fedorovich; Teresov, Anton Dmitrievich; Ivanova, Olga Viktorovna; Gromov, Viktor Evgenjevich; Budovskikh, Evgeny Aleksandrovich; Vlasov, Viktor Alekseevich; Klopotov, Anatoly Anatoljevich
2007Features of high-frequency capacitor discharge combustion process in media with disperse phaseLutsenko, Yu. Yu.; Vlasov, Viktor Alekseevich; Venderevskaya, Yu. V.
2015Joule heating effects on quartz particle melting in high-temperature silicate meltVlasov, Viktor Alekseevich; Volokitin, G.; Skripnikova, N.; Volokitin, O.; Shekhovtsov, V.
2015Non-equilibrium melting processes of silicate melts with different silica content at low-temperature plasmaVlasov, Viktor Alekseevich; Volokitin, G.; Skripnikova, N.; Volokitin, O.; Shekhovtsov, V.; Pfuch, A.
2007Nonequilibrium plasmachemical processes - the basis of future plasma technologiesVlasov, Viktor Alekseevich; Pushkarev, A. I.; Remnev, Gennady Efimovich; Sazonov, R. V.; Sosnovskiy, S. A.
2015Plasma treatment of heat-resistant materialsVlasov, Viktor Alekseevich; Kosmachev, P. V.; Skripnikova, N. K.; Bezukhov, K. A.
2015Radiation-induced hydrogen transfer in metalsTyurin, Yuri Ivanovich; Vlasov, Viktor Alekseevich; Dolgov, А. S.
2017Silica nanoparticles produced by DC arc plasma from a solid raw materialsKosmachev, P. V.; Vlasov, Viktor Alekseevich; Skripnikova, N. K.