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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Determination of Necessary and Sufficient Operational Conditions of The Sleeve-Type Bearings in Autonomous Power Plants of Ormat Type Under Conditions of Siberia and the Far EastVysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna; Vysokomorny, Vladimir; Beck, Alexander; Kosintsev, Andrey; Panin, Vladimir Filippovich
2016Determining Reliability Parameters for a Closed-Cycle Small Combined Heat and Power PlantVysokomorny, Vladimir; Vysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna; Piskunov, Maksim Vladimirovich
2015Evaporation Features of Water Droplets with Typical Subsoil Impurities During the Motion Through High-Temperature Gas Environment: Research Experience at Tomsk Polytechnic UniversityZhdanova, Alena Olegovna; Vysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich
2016Experimental Evaluation the Effectiveness of Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Systems at Oil and Gas IndustryNyashina, Galina Sergeevna; Medvedev, Valery Vasilievich; Shevyrev, Sergey Anatolievich; Vysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna
2015Experimental Investigation of Droplet Evaporation of Suspension Based on Water with Subsurface Admixtures in a Flame AreaDmitrienko, Margarita Aleksandrovna; Vysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna; Jean Claude Legros; Shcherbinina, Anastasiya Anatolievna
2016Experimental Investigation of Droplet Evaporation of Water with Ground Admixtures while Motion in a Flame of Liquid FuelDmitrienko, Margarita Aleksandrovna; Nyashina, Galina Sergeevna; Zhdanova, Alena Olegovna; Vysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna
2016The Intensification of Heat and Mass Transfer Processes in the Operating Condition of Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems at Objects of PowerVysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna; Kopylov, Nikolay; Lyrshchikov, Sergey Yurievich; Dmitrienko, Margarita Aleksandrovna
2016Investigation of the Extinguishing Features for Liquid Fuels and Organic Flammable Liquids Atomized by a Water FlowVoytkov, Ivan; Zabelin, Maksim Valerievich; Vysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna
2018The main reasons of rebound, coagulation, and explosive disintegration of the liquid drops in gas-vapor-droplet streamsVoytkov, Ivan; Vysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna; Piskunov, Maksim Vladimirovich; Shlegel, Nikita
2015Major Contaminants in Industrial and Domestic WastewaterVysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna; Kurilenko, E. Yu.; Shcherbinina, Anastasiya Anatolievna
2016Numerical Analysis of Integral Characteristics for the Condenser Setups of Independent Power-Supply Sources with the Closed-Looped Thermodynamic CycleVysokomorny, Vladimir; Vysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna
2016Numerical Investigation of the Main Characteristics of Heat and Mass Transfer while Heating the Heterogeneous Water Droplet in the Hot GasesPiskunov, Maksim Vladimirovich; Shcherbinina, Anastasiya Anatolievna; Vysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna
2015Thermal Treatment of Industrial WastewaterVysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna; Balakhnina, Julia; Shikhman, M. V.
2016Using A High-Temperature Flue Gases in the Technology of Combustion Neutralization of WastewaterVysokomornaya, Olga Valeryevna; Tsygankova, Yuliya Sergeevna; Aykina, Natalya; Ushmaev, Denis