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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysis of composite fuel application possibility based on coal and oats husks in industrial power engineeringYankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Tolokolnikov, Anton; Zaytsev, Vladimir Valerianovich
2018Applying composite fuels based on coal and finely dispersed wood in heat power engineeringYankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Kuznetsov, Geny Vladimirovich; Zenkov, Andrey Viktorovich
2015Increase of Engineering Students Training LevelLavrinenko, Sergey Viktorovich; Yankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Gubin, Vladimir Evgenievich; Larionov, Kirill Borisovich
2018Influence of Cu(СH[3]COO)[2] promoting additive on bituminous coal oxidation processBolgova, Darya; Larionov, Kirill Borisovich; Zenkov, Andrey Viktorovich; Yankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich
2018Influence of wood component on physical and chemical transformations during high temperature heating of composite fuel based on bituminous coalYankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Kuznetsov, Geny Vladimirovich
2017Potential of composite fuel application based on low-grade coal and wastes of forest and flour industryYankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Tolokolnikov, Anton; Slyusarsky, Konstantin Vitalievich
2017Research of composite fuels thermophysical properties based on low-grade coals with addition of fine sawdust and flour industry wastesYankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Tolokolnikov, Anton; Matveev, Aleksandr Sergeevich; Marysheva, Yana Vladimirovna
2016Research of Heat and Mass Transfer Processes in the Nodes of Free-Flow Micro-Hpp With the Use of 3D TechnologyYankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Kulupanov, German; Andriyashchenko, Vladimir
2016Research of Heat Rates Effect on the Process Of Fuel-Bed Gasification Of "Balakhtinskoe", "Osinnikovskoe", "Krasnogorskoe" and "Borodinskoe" Coal DepositsZenkov, Andrey Gennadievich; Yankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Matveeva, Anastasiya Aleksandrovna; Lavrinenko, Sergey Viktorovich; Gromov, Aleksandr
2015Research of Heating Rates Influence on Layer Coal Gasification of Krasnogorsky And Borodinsky Coal DepositYankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Luzhkovoj, Dmitrij; Larionov, Kirill Borisovich; Matveeva, Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
2017Research of Mechanical Treatment Influence on Rheological Properties of Coal-Water Fuel Based on Low-Grade 3B CoalTolokolnikov, A. A.; Yankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Gubin, Vladimir Evgenievich; Zenkov, Andrey Viktorovich; Zaitsev, Aleksandr Sergeevich
2017Research of rheological properties improvement methods of coal-water fuel based on low-grade coalZenkov, Andrey Gennadievich; Larionov, Kirill Borisovich; Yankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Lavrinenko, Sergey Viktorovich
2017Research of wood waste concentration influence on composite fuel energy characteristics based on low-grade 2b coal from "Borodinskoe" depositYankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Matveev, Aleksandr Sergeevich; Tolokolnikov, A.; Zenkov, Andrey Viktorovich
2015Study of Electrophysical Intrastratal Gasification at Different Coal Heating RateLarionov, Kirill Borisovich; Koryashov, Iliya Aleksandrovich; Yankovsky, Stanislav Aleksandrovich; Gubin, Vladimir Evgenievich; Zenkov, Andrey Gennadievich