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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The dynamics of ice melting in the conditions of crybot movementZakharova, Ekaterina; Zakharevich, Arkadiy Vladimirovich; Gutareva, Nadezhda Yurievna
2018GIS-technologies and mathematical simulation to predict lightning-caused forest fire dangerBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Zakharevich, Arkadiy Vladimirovich
2017Ignition conditions and characteristics for distillant fuel under to local conductive heatingZakharevich, Arkadiy Vladimirovich; Panchenko, Pavel; Panchenko, Yekaterina
2018Ignition of liquid droplets fuels under conditions of radiation-conductive heating in airZakharevich, Arkadiy Vladimirovich; Zygin, Mikhail; Tsymbalov, Dmitriy
2016Ignition Parameters of Diesel Layers Under Conditions of Local HeatingZakharevich, Arkadiy Vladimirovich; Zygin, Mikhail; Panchenko, Pavel; Vlasova, Yekaterina
2016Kinetic Characteristics of Ignition Dispersed Condensed Substance Single Heated to a High Temperature of the ParticlesGlushkov, Dmitry Olegovich; Zakharevich, Arkadiy Vladimirovich; Tsymbalov, Dmitriy
2017Mathematical modeling of melting during laser heating of metal platePurin, Mikhail; Zakharevich, Arkadiy Vladimirovich; Gutareva, Nadezhda Yurievna
2017On the issue of fire hazard the fuel oil facilities of thermal power plantsZakharevich, Arkadiy Vladimirovich; Tsymbalov, Dmitriy
2015The ignition fragment wood heated to a high temperature of the plateZakharevich, Arkadiy Vladimirovich; Velikanov, Victor; Vympin, Eugene