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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Games for EFL spelling and vocabularyНиконова, Е. Д.; Дружиловска, Д. М.; Кобзева, Надежда Александровна
2007Gamma spectrometric method to control activity and nuclide composition of gaseous radioactive waste formed at operation of nuclear power plantsGavrilov, P. M.; Kokhomsky, A. G.; Izmestiev, K. M.; Seelev, I. N.; Silaev, M. E.
2007Gamma-spectrometric control method of activity and nuclide composition of low-active solid radioactive wasteGavrilov, P. М.; Kokhomskiy, А. G.; Izmestiev, К. М.; Seelev, I. N.; Silaev, М. Е.; Shamanin, I. V.; Nesterov, V. N.
2017GAP-анализ системы менеджмента качестваГоркунова, А. О.
2015Gas - discharge electron sources with gas- dynamic beam output windowsOrlikov, L. N.; Orlikov, Nikolay Leonidovich
2014Gas Chromatographic Investigation of Oil Biodegradation DegreeLeonov, K.; Astashkina, Anna Pavlovna; Bakibaev, Abdigali Abdimanapovich
2016Gas Cleaning System with a Pre-Unloading FlowVasilevsky, Mikhail Viktorovich; Razva, Aleksandr Sergeevich; Baev, Roman; Asan Alibek
2016Gas hydrate deposit development in the Arctic: geoecological and technical challengesOberemok, I. A.
2016GashydrateБексыргаев, Б. Ж.
2018Gasification of the low grade fuels and industrial waste by the continuous wave laser radiationZaitsev, Aleksandr Sergeevich; Egorov, Roman Igorevich
2019Gasoline production using the Zeoforming process products and stable gas condensate as feedstockTemirbolat, A. M.; Altynov, A. A.
2017Gating system design for the space device case using T-Flex CADMunkhe-Zul Ayusheev; Kostyuchenko, Tamara Georgievna
2014GefestВолокитин, Р. Л.; Карагодин, Н. И.; Куприн, К. И.; Ломакин, Э. Д.
2014Geldwertung als sozial-wirtschaftlicherBulgakova, T.
2014Gender analysis of management styleDyachenko, Yu. I.; Дьяченко, Ю. И.
2018Gender Imbalance In Vietnam: Problems And SolutionsTran ThiBichNgoc; Barysheva, Galina Anzelmovna; Kuznetsova, Lyubov Sergeevna; Anh Thi Hoang Dinh
2015Gender Metaphors in Russian and English Linguocultures: A Comparative StudyRezanova, Zoya Ivanovna; Khlebnikova, Anastasia Leonidowna
2015Gender-based Restrictions in Tourism: An Example of the Phenomenon of Avaton in the Modern Socio-cultural ExpanseKapilevich, Leonid Vladimirovich; Karvounis, Y. A.
2018General couplings of a vector multiplet in N = 1 supergravity with new FI termsAldabergenov, Yermek; Ketov, Sergey Vladimirovich; Knoops, Rob
2017General topologic environment of the Russian railway networkTikhomirov, A.; Rossodivita, A.; Kinash, N.; Trufanov, A.; Berestneva, Olga Grigorievna