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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016W. Dilthey as an Expert HistorianGurieva, Irina Yurievna; Mazayeva, Olga; Kruglikovai, Margarita
2016Was a Soviet Man a Socialist? The Dichotomy of Consumerist Ideals and Socialist Values in LateAgeeva, Vera Valentinovna; Ageev, Iliya Aleksandrovich; Nikolaeva, Anastasia; Levashkina, Z. N.
2015Waste management through life cycle assessment of productsBorodin, Yuri Viktorovich; Aliferova, T. E.; Ncube, A.
2015Waste recycling as a problem of energy efficiencyBorodich, O. V.
2017Waste walnut shell valorization to iron loaded biochar and its application to arsenic removalDuan, Xinhui; Zhang, Chengcheng; Srinivasakannan, C.; Wang, Xin
2018Wastewater treatment of galvanic production using natural zeoliteNovikova, A. L.; Nazarenko, Olga Bronislavovna; Martemyanov, Dmitry Vladimirovich
2014Water as reactor coolantShvab, S. A.; Tarasova, Ekaterina Sergeevna
2017Water conservation in conditions of water withdrawal from surface water sourcesStrelkov, A.; Teplykh, S.; Gorshkalev, P.; Bystranova, A.
2019Water control technology for production wellsGasanov, F. A.
2017Water drops passing through a forest fuel bed without its burning and during its thermal decompositionVolkov, Roman Sergeevich; Zhdanova, Alena Olegovna; Kirienko, Victoria
2017Water pollution with nitrates and nitritesMerkel, K. I.
2015Water Purification with Natural Sorbents: Effect of Surface Modification with Nano-structured ParticlesPlotnikov, Evgeny Vladimirovich; Martemianova, Irina; Martemyanov, Dmitry Vladimirovich; Zhuravkov, Sergey Petrovich; Voronova, Olesya Aleksandrovna; Korotkova, Elena Ivanovna; Silnikov, Vladimir
2017Water Resources Management In Support Of Raw Region Based On Decoupling EffectLesin, Yury Vasilievich; Fedulova, E. A.; Akulov, A. O.; Vik, S. V.; Korchagin, R. L.
1998Water that ground stones meetings with the chinese hydrogeologistsShvartsev, Stepan Lvovich
2016Water treatment plant "Impulse"Loskutova, A. M.; Nesterov, V. V.
2019Water–rock interaction within the oligotrophic peat bog (part of the Vasyugan Swamp, Western Siberia)Savichev, Oleg Gennadievich; Mazurov, Aleksey Karpovich; Rudmin, Maksim Andreevich; Soldatova, Evgeniya Aleksandrovna
2007Wave gears with intermediate bodies (state, results and problems)Yangulov, V. S.
2007Wavelet-function formation in the problem of music signal identificationFadeev, A. S.
2018Ways of Efficiency Improvement of the Organization of Students’ Independent Work with Computer Technologies UsagePlotnikova, Inna Vasilievna; Efremova, Oksana Nikolaevna; Chicherina, Natality Viktorovna; Dalinger, Victor
2016Ways of improvement of methodological approaches to the assessment of the effectiveness of physical protection systems of nuclear facilities in consideration of modern requirements and threatsVlasenko, E. A.; Nikienko, A. V.; Demyanuk (Demjanjuk), Dmitry Georgievich