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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Lamb wave ultrasonic evaluation of welded AA2024 specimens at tensile static and fatigue testingBurkov, Mikhail Vladimirovich; Byakov, Anton Viktorovich; Shah, R. T.; Lyubutin, Pavel Stepanovich; Panin, Sergey Viktorovich
2015Influence of ion-beam treatment on structure and defor-mation resistance of 12Cr1MoV steel under static, cyclic and dynamic loadingPanin, Sergey Viktorovich; Vlasov, Ilya Viktorovich; Maruschak, P. O.; Sergeev, Viktor Petrovich
2015Application of planetary ball mill for manufacturing of shielding composite coatings based on polyester powder paints and carbon fillersPanin, Sergey Viktorovich; Yazykov, S. Yu.; Suslyaev, V. I.; Dorozhkin, K. V.
2015Automatic selection of a subset size at vector fields constructionPanin, Sergey Viktorovich; Lyubutin, Pavel Stepanovich; Titkov, V. V.; Cherepanova, M. V.
2017Extrudable composites based on polyetheretherketone for additive technologiesPanin, Sergey Viktorovich; Nguyen DucAnh; Kornienko, L. A.; Aleksenko, Vladislav Olegovich; Buslovich, D. G.; Dontsov (Doncov), Yuriy Vladimirovich
2018Structure and Properties of Coatings Formed by Detonation Spraying of Titanium PowderPanin, Sergey Viktorovich; Vlasov, Ilya Viktorovich; Stankevich, R. V.; Dudina, D. V.; Ulyanitsky, V. Yu.; Batraev, I. S.
2018Analysis of Fracture Characteristic of a Gas Main Pipe on the Basis of the Additive Mathematical Model of the Cyclic Random Process and Polynomial FunctionLytvynenko, I. V.; Maruschak, P. O.; Panin, Sergey Viktorovich; Sorochak, A. P.
2018Solid-Lubricant, Polymer - Polymeric and Functionalized Fiber- and Powder Reinforced Composites of Ultra-High Molecular Weight PolyethylenePanin, Sergey Viktorovich; Aleksenko, Vladislav Olegovich; Buslovich, Dmitry; Nguyen Dyk An; Huang Qitao
2018Structural Degradation of the Welded Joint of the Gas Main after a Long-Term Operation in Sub-Acid SoilMaruschak, P. O.; Bishchak, R. T.; Maruschak, O. V.; Panin, Sergey Viktorovich
2016Mechanical state assessment using lamb wave technique in static tensile testsBurkov, Mikhail Vladimirovich; Shah, R. T.; Eremin, Alexandr Vyacheslavovich; Byakov, Anton Viktorovich; Panin, Sergey Viktorovich