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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The causes of high natural radioactivity in the soils and radioecological problems in areas with highly radioactive soilsRikhvanov, Leonid Petrovich; Zlobina, A. N.; Nanping Wang; Baranovskaya, Nataliya Vladimirovna; Matveenko, Irina Alekseevna
2016The concept of "other" and the problem of tolerance in the Russian public discourse on migration to Siberia in the 1850-1890’s (based on publicistic materials)Aizikova, Irina; Matveenko, Irina Alekseevna
2016Chemical Composition of Bottom Sediments in Small Mountain Rivers (Altai, the Russian Federation)Savichev, Oleg Gennadievich; Matveenko, Irina Alekseevna; Paromov, Vladimir
2016Public Health Risk Conditioned by Chemical Composition of Ground WaterYankovich, Elena Petrovna; Osipova, Nina Aleksandrovna; Yankovich, K.; Matveenko, Irina Alekseevna
2016Conditions of contaminant distribution in the wetland water of Western Siberia (the Russian Federation)Savichev, Oleg Gennadievich; Matveenko, Irina Alekseevna; Ivanova, E. V.
2016Clay swelling of Quaternary and Paleogene deposits in the south-eastern flanks of West Siberian iron ore basinKramarenko, Violetta Valentinovna; Shinawi, A. El.; Matveenko, Irina Alekseevna; Shramok, A. A.
2016Determination of water content in clay and organic soil using microwave ovenKramarenko, Violetta Valentinovna; Nikitenkov, Aleksey Nikolaevich; Matveenko, Irina Alekseevna; Molokov, Viktor Yurievich; Vasilenko, Ye. S.
2016Changes in chemical composition of drilling waste water in taiga zone of Western Siberia (the Russian Federation) on the basis of thermodynamic approachSavichev, Oleg Gennadievich; Matveenko, Irina Alekseevna; Savchenko, D. V.
2016Basin Model of Total Dissolved Salts Transformation in Water of a Small River (the Kirgizka River, Tomsk, Russia)Savichev, Oleg Gennadievich; Matveenko, Irina Alekseevna; Titov, I. V.
2016Petrographic-geochemical characteristics of granitoids and their epigenetic alteration products in paleovalley fields (Vitim uranium-ore site)Kuznetsova, E. S.; Domarenko, Victor Alekseevich; Matveenko, Irina Alekseevna