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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Influence of Local Zones of Intensive Heat Transfer on Thermal Regime of Heat Supply ObjectsMaksimov, Vyacheslav Ivanovich; Nagornova, Tatiana Aleksandrovna; Stepanova, Olga
2017Сonvection influence on ice formation process on the evaporator heat pump pipesMaksimov, Vyacheslav Ivanovich; Saloum, Amer
2017Понятие о методах подобия и анализе модели процесса выброса больших масс жидкости из газопроводаФан Куок Хань; Нгуен Динь Тхинь
2016Mathematical Modeling of Thermal Influence from Forest Fire Front on a Coniferous Tree TrunkBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich; Barakhnin, Vladimir; Andreeva, Ksenia
2016Mathematical Modeling of Hydrodynamic and Heat Transfer in a Two-Phase ThermosyphonNee, Aleksandr Eduardovich; Nurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly
2016Heat Transfer While Incorporating Metal Particles in a Melting Support PlateMamontov, Gennady Yakovlevich; Chuguev, Danil
2016Mathematical Modeling Of Heat Transfer in the System "The Object Of Heating – Thermal Insulation Layer – The External Environment" and Microclimate Parameters of Industrial PremisesUlchiekov, Mikhail
2017Numerical analyses of the effect of a biphasic thermosyphon vapor channel sizes on the heat transfer intensity when heat removing from a power transformer of combined heat and power stationNurpeiis, Atlant Ediluly; Mamontov, Gennady Yakovlevich; Valieva, Lylya
2015Mathematical Simulation of Convective Heat Transfer in the Low-Temperature Storage of Liquefied Natural GasShestakov, Igor; Dolgova, Anastasia; Maksimov, Vyacheslav Ivanovich
2018Математическое моделирование явления теплообмена в условиях фазового перехода и конвекцииКузнецов, Гений Владимирович; Максимов, Вячеслав Иванович; Салум, А.