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17-июл-2018The economic part of the design of the electrical part of IES and therelay protection of the turbogeneratorAntonov, Dmitry
17-июл-2018Foam glass material to absorb electromagnetic wavesKaymonov, Maxim; Yakimenko, Elena
17-июл-2018Assessment of commercial potential and prospects of carrying outscientific research from a position of a resource efficiency and resourcesavingZhidov, Sergey
17-июл-2018Transformation of the mechanisms of economic activity in the conditions of structural changes in the economyKlimovich, Maria
17-июл-2018Investigation of the possibility of insulin delivering to the blood throughmucous membrane of the oral cavityAverkiev, Andrey
17-июл-2018An analysis of the effectiveness and challenges of cross-functional team structurebased on CISCO Business Councils reformTkachev, Dmitrii
17-июл-2018Mechanism for nominating operators in Objective-C and Swiftprogramming languagesGorkoltsev, Gleb; Kraevskaya, Irina
17-июл-2018The current state of Russian agro-industrial complexFominskiy, Vitaliy
17-июл-2018Computer stabilogram method like one of the physiological andbiomechanical method of research different motor actions on slipperysurfaceShunkina, Anastasiya
17-июл-2018Philosophical aspects of personal branding in the context of informationculture and social nets (through the example of Instagram platform)Khaldeeva, Marina
17-июл-2018The attitudes of today’s youth to the problem of longevity: the results ofa sociological surveySkripchenko, Natalja; Fadeev, Vladimir
17-июл-2018Development of a modern university in a transitive societySantotskaya, Ksenia
17-июл-2018Analysis of engineer's harmful working conditionsDevyashina, Elena
17-июл-2018Implementation of innovative methods of public administration systemimprovementUshakova, Natalia; Kamesheva, Sania
17-июл-2018Social responsibility when developing automated fuel supply system fora boiler furnaceTkachenko, Pavel
17-июл-2018History of the Russian Sanhe told by descendants of the RussiansettlersPustovalov, Oleg
17-июл-2018Social responsibility at the workplaceAndrejchenko , Andrey
17-июл-2018Analysis of the labor market in Tomsk and Tomsk regionFominskiy, Alexander
17-июл-2018Financial Management, Resource Efficiency and Resource SavingSinichkin, Ivan
17-июл-2018Music influence on athlete`s sportsmanship (from the example ofsynchronized figure skating athletes)Bredikhina, Yuliya Petrovna; Kapilevich, Leonid Vladimirovich; Shunkina, Anastasiya
Просмотр коллекции (Дата публикации по убыванию): 1 - 20 из 259