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25-янв-2019Peculiarities of electromagnetic oscillations generated by a charged particle crossing the planar boundary between a conducting medium and a vacuumGrigoryan, Levon Shavigh; Mkrtchyan, Artak Henrik; Khachatryan, Hrant Frunzik; Grigoryan, Mher Levon; Sargsyan, Anush Vahagn; Mosoyan, Petros Hovhannes
25-янв-2019Superluminal synchrotron radiationAginian, M. A.; Arutunian, S. G.; Lazareva, E. G.; Margaryan, A. V.
25-янв-2019Dynamic behavior prediction of lithium polymer battery for low-power Solar PV applicationsRohit, Amit Kumar; Rangnekar, Saroj
29-окт-2018Potentialities of fast ion neutralization at grazing incidence angles From crystal surfaces for development of new generation of uv laser sourcesAleksandrov, P. A.; Fanchenko, S. S.; Schemardov, S. G.
29-окт-2018Interaction of metals and alloys with gas media under spark dischargesMironov, D. V.; Mironov, V. M.; Mazanko, V. F.; Gertsriken, D. S.; Peretyatku, P. V.
29-окт-2018Cleaning and sputtering using planar acoustoplasma magnetronAbrahamyan, A. S.; Mkrtchyan, A. H.; Nalbandyan, V. V.; Hovhannisyan, N. T.; Chilingaryan, R. Yu.; Hakobyan, A. S.; Mossoyan, P. H.
29-окт-2018Peculiarities of electromagnetic field oscillations of a charged particle rotating about a conductive ballMkrtchyan, A. H.; Grigoryan, L. Sh.; Khachatryan, H. F.; Grigoryan, M. L.; Sargsyan, A. V.
29-окт-2018Practical evaluation of polycrystalline photovoltaic module efficiency under Karaganda conditionsTai, Dinh Van; Mekhtiyev, A. D.; Alkina, A.D.
29-окт-2018Parametric X-ray radiation and texture of polycrystalline foilsAlexeyev, V. I.; Eliseyev, A. N.; Irribarra, E.; Kishin, I. A.; Kubankin, A. S.; Nazhmudinov, R. M.
29-окт-2018Quantum and classical effects at scattering of high energy charged particles in thin crystalsShul’ga, N. F.; Shulga, S. N.
29-окт-2018Liga method of forming high-contrast collimators and anti-scatter grids with high aspect ratioGoldenberg, B.G.; Lemzyakov, A.G.; Nazmov, V.P; Palchikov, E.I
26-окт-2018Analysis of X-ray whispering gallery waves propagating along liquid meniscusesGoray, L. I.; Asadchikov, V. E; Roshchin, B. S; Volkov, Y. O; Tikhonov, A. M
26-окт-2018Analysis of a two-crystal delay line for femtosecond pulses of the X-ray free electron laserBushuev, V. A.; Petrov, L. A.
26-окт-2018Experimental research of double-sided solar modules efficiency In the climatic conditions of central KazakhstanYurchenko, Aleksey V.; Yugay, Vyacheslav V.; Neshina, Yelena G.
26-окт-2018Thermodynamic uncertainty relation as a fundamental aspect of quantum thermodynamicsArtamonov, Anton A.; Plotnikov, Evgeny V.
26-окт-2018Metal-organic frameworks applied for water purificationChaemchuen, Somboon; Wang, Ji Chao; Gilani, Ali G.; Francis, Francis Verpoort
31-авг-2018Removal of Crystal Violet dye from aqueous solution using water hyacinth: Equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamics studyRajeswari Kulkarni, M.; Revanth, T.; Anirudh Acharya; Prasad Bhat
31-авг-2018Equilibrium and thermodynamic parameters for heterogeneous esterification of butyric acid with methanol under microwave irradiationDange, P. N.; Rathod, V. K.
31-авг-2018Cationic flocculants derived from native cellulose: Preparation, biodegradability, and removal of dyes in aqueous solutionHiroyuki Kono
31-авг-2018Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Lippia nodiflora aerial extract and evaluation of their antioxidant, antibacterial and cytotoxic effectsArumugam Sudha; Jeyaraman Jeyakanthan; Pappu Srinivasan
Просмотр коллекции (Дата публикации по убыванию): 1 - 20 из 152