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Title: Mathematical modeling of tomographic scanning of cylindrically shaped test objects
Authors: Kapranov, Boris Ivanovich
Vavilova, Galina Vasilievna
Volchkova, Anastasia Valentinovna
Kuznetsova, I. S.
Kuznetsova, Irina Sergeevna
Keywords: математическое моделирование; томографическое сканирование; цилиндрические объекты; полосы поглощения; источники излучения; химический состав; плотность
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: Mathematical modeling of tomographic scanning of cylindrically shaped test objects / B. I. Kapranov [et al.] // IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. — Bristol : IOP Publishing, 2018. — Vol. 363 : Cognitive Robotics : II International Conference, 22–25 November 2017, Tomsk, Russian Federation : [proceedings]. — [012015, 7 p.].
Abstract: The paper formulates mathematical relationships that describe the length of the radiation absorption band in the test object for the first generation tomographic scan scheme. A cylindrically shaped test object containing an arbitrary number of standard circular irregularities is used to perform mathematical modeling. The obtained mathematical relationships are corrected with respect to chemical composition and density of the test object material. The equations are derived to calculate the resulting attenuation radiation from cobalt-60 isotope when passing through the test object. An algorithm to calculate the radiation flux intensity is provided. The presented graphs describe the dependence of the change in the [gamma]-quantum flux intensity on the change in the radiation source position and the scanning angle of the test object.
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