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Title: Modification of stainless steel by low-energy focused nitrogen ion beam
Authors: Lopatin, Iljya Viktorovich
Akhmadeev, Yury Khalyafovich
Krysina, Olga Vasiljevna
Prokopenko, Nikita Andreevich
Petrikova, Elizaveta Alekseevna
Ryabchikov, Aleksandr Ilyich
Sivin, Denis Olegovich
Korneva, Olga Sergeevna
Keywords: модификации; нержавеющая сталь; ионные пучки
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: Modification of stainless steel by low-energy focused nitrogen ion beam / I. V. Lopatin [et al.] // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. — 2018. — Vol. 1115 : 6th International Congress "Energy Fluxes and Radiation Effects"14th International Conference on Modification of Materials with Particle Beams and Plasma Flows (14th CMM) : [proceedings], 16-22 September 2018, Tomsk, Russian Federation. — [032041, 6 p.].
Abstract: The results of experiments on the modification of SUS 321 stainless steel by a nitrogen ion beam extracted from a gas plasma of the non-self-sustained arc discharge with hot cathode PINK are presented. Extraction and focusing of the beam was carried out through a grid electrode of the definite curvature. When negative electric pulsed bias is applied to the grid electrode and a specimen located under the same potential, a ballistically focused nitrogen ion beam is formed. As a result of the processing, a nitride layer is formed on the surface of stainless steel with an increased hardness compared to the initial one.
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