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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Effect of temperature gradient on parametric X-Ray radiation. Status of experimentMkrtchan, Alpik Rafaelovich; Mkrtchyan, Artak; Potylitsyn, Alexander Petrovich; Kocharian, Vagan Rashidovich; Nikoghosyan, Valery; Vukolov, Artem Vladimirovich; Novokshonov, Artem Igorevich; Gogolev, Aleksey Sergeevich; Wagner, Aleksandr Rudolfovich; Movsisyan, Artur
2015Spatial distribution of PXR generated by 855 MeV electrons. Comparison of simulation results with experimental dataVnukov, Igor; Sidnin, Mikhail; Behrens, Christopher; Kube, Gero; Lauth, Werner; Gogolev, Aleksey Sergeevich; Potylitsyn, Alexander Petrovich; Goponov, Yurii
2015Simulation of 2D point spread function dominated beam profile images based on backward transition radiation from the tilted targetSukhikh, Leonid Grigorievich; Kube, Gero; Potylitsyn, Alexander Petrovich
2015Characteristics of Smith-Purcell Radiation in Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelength RegionNaumenko, Gennadiy Andreevich; Potylitsyn, Alexander Petrovich; Sukhikh, Leonid Grigorievich; Popov, Yuriy Anatolevich; Shevelev, Mihail Viktorovich; Bleko, Vitold Vladislavovich
2015Diffraction and Vavilov-Cherenkov Radiation as a Novel Source of THz RadiationBleko, Vitold Vladislavovich; Karataev, Pavel Vladimirovich; Konkov (Kon'kov), Anatoliy Sergeevich; Kruchinin, Konstantin Olegovich; Naumenko, Gennadiy Andreevich; Potylitsyn, Alexander Petrovich; Vaughan, Thomas
2015Polarization Characteristics of Diffraction and Cherenkov Radiation from a Dielectric ScreenKonkov (Kon'kov), Anatoliy Sergeevich; Potylitsyn, Alexander Petrovich; Shevelev, Mihail Viktorovich; Aryshev, A.
2015Micron-scale vertical beam size measurements based on transition radiation imaging with a Schwarzschild objectiveSukhikh, Leonid Grigorievich; Artyukov, Igor; Bajt, Sasa; Kube, Gero; Lauth, Werner; Potylitsyn, Alexander Petrovich; Vukolov, Artem Vladimirovich
2015Generation of Cherenkov Radiation in Optical Fibers by 6-MEV Electrons. Geometry of Propagation and Light DecayVukolov, Artem Vladimirovich; Novokshonov, Artem Igorevich; Uglov, Sergey Romanovich; Potylitsyn, Alexander Petrovich
2015Spatial and Temporal Coherence Effects in Parametric X-ray RadiationPotylitsyn, Alexander Petrovich
2015Simulation of Coherent Diffraction Radiation Generation by Pico-Second Electron Bunches in an Open ResonatorSukhikh, Leonid Grigorievich; Potylitsyn, Alexander Petrovich; Verigin, Dan Aleksandrovich; Artemov (Artyomov), Konstantin Petrovich