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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Experimental evaluation of the effectiveness of water mist automated fire extinguishing systems for oil transportationGlushkov, Dmitry Olegovich; Nyashina, Galina Sergeevna; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich; Volkov, Roman Sergeevich
2015Research of Integral Characteristics of Process of Heattransfer in the Sensitive Element of Resistive Temperature DetectorAtroshenko, Yuliana Konstantinovna; Abramova, Anna; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich
2015Experimental Research of Mutual Influence of Several Consecutive Water Droplets on Regularities of their Evaporation through High-temperatureAntonov, Dmitrii; Volkov, Roman Sergeevich; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich
2015Fire Danger of Interaction Processes of Local Sources with a Limited Energy Capacity and Condensed SubstancesGlushkov, Dmitry Olegovich; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich; Vershinina, Kseniya Yurievna
2015Change in Ignition Characteristics Of Composite Liquid Fuel Droplet While Varying the Combustible Liquid ContentKosintsev, A. G.; Medvedev, Valery Vasilievich; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich
2015Determination of Characteristic Peroids of Suppression of Thermal Decomposition Reaction of Forest Fuel Material by Specialized SoftwareGumerov, Vladislav; Zhdanova, Alena Olegovna; Osmolovskaya, Maria; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich
2015Difference Of Evaporation and Boiling for Heterogeneous Water Droplets in a High-Temperature GasJean Claude Legros; Piskunov, Maksim Vladimirovich; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich
2015Analysis of the Water Droplet Evaporation Features with a Solid Nontransparent Inclusion in High-Temperature Gas Environment as a Part of University Research WorkPiskunov, Maksim Vladimirovich; Shcherbinina, Anastasiya Anatolievna; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich
2015Features of the Transformation of Small Water Droplets and Large Water Bombs in Free FallVolkov, Roman Sergeevich; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich
2015Numerical Research of the Measurement Error of Temperature Thermocouples with the Isolated SealAtroshenko, Yuliana Konstantinovna; Bychkova, Alena; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich