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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Density and microstructural investigation of Ce:YAG ceramic subjected to powerful ultrasonic treatment during the compaction processPaygin, Vladimir Denisovich; Dvilis, Edgar Sergeevich; Valiev, Damir Talgatovich; Khasanov, Oleg Leonidovich; Stepanov, Sergey Aleksandrovich; Vaganov, Vitalii; Alishin, Timofey Ruslanovich; Kalashnikov, Mark Petrovich
2018The effect of BaF2 concentration and particle size distribution on the luminescence efficiency of YAG:Ce3+phosphorsValiev, Damir Talgatovich; Khan (Han) Tao; Stepanov, Sergey Aleksandrovich; Vaganov, Vitalii; Paygin, Vladimir Denisovich
2017Improving "color rendering" of LED lighting for the growth of lettuceTao Han; Vaganov, Vitalii; Cao Shixiu; Li Qiang; Ling Lili; Cheng Xiaoyao; Peng, Lingling; Zhang, Congzhi; Yakovlev, Aleksey Nikolaevich; Zhong Yang; Tu Mingjing
2016Kinetic characteristics of the luminescence of industrial yag phosphorsStepanov, Sergey Aleksandrovich; Vaganov, Vitalii; Tulegenova, Aida; Lisitsyn, Viktor Mikhailovich
2017Luminescence of LiF crystals doped with uraniumLisitsyna, L. A.; Denisov, G. S.; Dauletbekova, A. K.; Karipbayev, Zh. T.; Markhabaeva, A. A.; Vaganov, Vitalii; Lisitsyn, Viktor Mikhailovich; Akilbekov, A. T.
2018Nanodefects in YAG: Ce phosphorsLisitsyn, Viktor Mikhailovich; Tulegenova, Aida Tulegenkyzy; Lisitsyna, Lyudmila Aleksandrovna; Vaganov, Vitalii; Ju Yanyan
2019Nanodefects in YAG:Ce-Based Phosphor MicrocrystalsLisitsyn, Viktor Mikhailovich; Lisitsyna, Lyudmila Aleksandrovna; Tulegenova, Aida Tulegenkyzy; Ju Yanyan; Polisadova, Elena Fyodorovna; Lipatov, Evgeny Igorevich; Vaganov, Vitalii
2016Spectral characteristics of the luminescence of industrial yag phosphorsVaganov, Vitalii; Lisitsyn, Viktor Mikhailovich; Tulegenova, Aida