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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis of well intervention techniques of Paleozoic objects of deposits of the Tomsk regionGorbachev, V. S.; Serebryannikov, A. A.
2016The Arctic zone: possibilities and risks of developmentBolsunovskaya, Ludmila Mihailovna; Sentsov, A.; Avanesova, E.; Khorechko, Uliana Viktorovna; Ruchina, Aleksandra Viktorovna
2016Basic Principles of the Activity and Synergetic Approach as a Means of Interdisciplinary ResearchBolsunovskaya, Ludmila Mihailovna; Kuprieva, I. A.; Gamzatova, S. I.
2022Case study in the context of higher professional education of geologistsTsyplenko, M. M.
2020Characterization of organic matter in the rocks of the Dmitrievskoe oil shale deposit using Rock-Eval pyrolysisLaukhin, L. M.
2016E-Learning in modern engineering higher education: a focus on resource efficiencyBolsunovskaya, Ludmila Mihailovna
2020The efficiency of drilling multi-hole horizontal wells while developing a low-permeable collector on the example of Tomsk region depositSerebryannikov, A. A.; Gorbachev, V. S.
2022High-viscosity oil extraction using downhole steam generatorBelousov, I. I.
2019Hydraulic fracture crack redestribution by optimization of the reservoir pressure maintenance systemSinebryukhov, K. V.; Solomatin, V. P.
2015Integrated analysis of risks in terms of Russian Arctic zone sustainable developmentBolsunovskaya, Y.; Bolsunovskaya, Ludmila Mihailovna; Sentsov, A.; Scherbinina, N.
2022An integrated approach to the treatment of the bottomhole formation zone as a way to intensify productionBychkov, D. A.
2022Investigation of the stress-strain state of the process piping of the compressor station under the dynamic loadsSchreder, A. S.
2016Linguistic Identity of the Members of the British Lingvoculture in the Aspect of Modern Socio-political SituationBolsunovskaya, Ludmila Mihailovna; Kuprieva, I. A.; Smirnova, S. B.
2022Mechanical properties of magnesium alloy for medical applications after deformation treatmentLuginin, N. A.; Eroshenko, A.Yu.; Legostaeva, E. V.
2021Mode selection of deuterium flux supply through palladium-silver filter in experiments with Pb15.7Li eutectic at reactor irradiationTulubayev, Ye. Yu.; Bolsunovskaya, Ludmila Mihailovna
2022Oil production rate prediction after treatment operations using machine-learning techniquesMelnikov, Maksim Olegovich
2016Organizational, methodological and informational role of resource centre for language training based on e-learning at TPURymanova, Irina Evgenievna; Bolsunovskaya, Ludmila Mihailovna
2014Preparation and Structure of Double Complex Compounds [La(HMPA)[4](NO[3])2][Cr(NH[3])[2](NCS)[4]]Bobrovnikova, A. A.; Cherkasova, T. G.; Shirokolobova, A. G.; Bolsunovskaya, Ludmila Mihailovna
2015Project-based Method in Teaching Foreign Language for Specific PurposesBolsunovskaya, Ludmila Mihailovna; Chris Phillips; Korotchenko, Tatiana Valerievna; Matveenko, Irina Alekseevna; Strelnikova, Anna Borisovna; Ulyanova, Oksana
2015Promoting International Students' Autonomy: the Experience of Tomsk Polytechnic UniversityBolsunovskaya, Ludmila Mihailovna; Kemerova, Natalia Sergeevna; Asadullina, Liliya Ilgizovna; Sentsov, Arkady; Chris Phillips