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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Comparative physical-tribological properties of anti-friction ion-plasma Ti-C-Mo-S coating on VT6 alloy or 20X13 and 40X steelsShubin, A. Y.; Potekaev, A. I.; Savostikov, V. M.; Galsanov, S. V.; Dmitriev, Viktor Stepanovich; Stepanov, Igor Borisovich; Kashkarov, Egor Borisovich; Dammer, V. H.
2016Features of processes of ion-plasma formation and comparative analysis of the properties of the anti-friction coating Ti-C-MO-S on titanium alloys and steelsShubin, Andry; Savostikov, Viktor; Potekaev, Aleksandr; Dmitriev, Viktor Stepanovich; Stepanov, Igor Borisovich; Korneva, Olga Sergeevna; Shulepov, Ivan
2016Hybrid gravitational orientation system of small spacecraftDmitriev, Viktor Stepanovich; Frolov, Ruslan Andreevich; Bekasova, Anastasiya Gennadievna
2016Integrated approach of the dynamic characteristics optimization for spacecraft’s technical systems on the exploratory testsDmitriev, Viktor Stepanovich; Britova, Yuliya Aleksandrovna
2016Integrated Method - the Optimum Way to Improve the Quality of Frequency Response Characteristics of the Space Vehicle Attitude Control SystemBritova, Yuliya Aleksandrovna; Dmitriev, Viktor Stepanovich; Kostyuchenko, Tamara Georgievna
2007Mobile lidars. Influence of external mechanical actions on accuracy of lidar aimingDmitriev, Viktor Stepanovich; Kostyuchenko, T. G.; Yangulov, V. S.; Teploukhov, V. V.
2018Organization design of complex technical products in integrated information systemsDubrovsky, Evgeny; Dmitriev, Viktor Stepanovich
2017The principle of gravity-inertial orientationDmitriev, Viktor Stepanovich; Frolov, Ruslan Andreevich
2006Sensitive elements of basic direction «East - West» with oscillating mass for a gravitational-inertial compassDmitriev, Viktor Stepanovich; Gladyshev, J. G.