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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Comparative analyses of different variants of standard ground for automatic control systems of technical processes of oil and gas productionGromakov, Evgeny Ivanovich; Gazizov, A. T.; Lukin, V. P.; Chimrov, A. V.
2015Event-driven management algorithm of an Engineering documents circulation systemKuzenkov, V.; Zebzeev, A.; Gromakov, Evgeny Ivanovich
2014Human Machine Interface(HMI). Usage of cloud HMI and its comparison with other HMI systemsMakarov, D. E.; Alekseev, I. S.
2007Integrated project management system of scientific and technical centre in oil company "Rosneft"Chetverikov, V. V.; Gordievskikh, V. V.; Gromakov, Evgeny Ivanovich; Malishenko (Malyshenko), Alexanedr Maximovich; Voronin, Aleksandr Vasilyevich; Galaktionov, E. A.
2016Maintenance with the use of statistical control chartsGromakov, Evgeny Ivanovich; Alexandrova, Tatyana Viktorovna; Ivanenko, B. P.
2015The OPT-acoustic device for variability monitoring and diagnoctics of equipment conditionRybakov, Evgeniy Aleksandrovich; Starikov, Dmitry Pavlovich; Gromakov, Evgeny Ivanovich
2015Statistical control of DOF maintenance conditionAleksandrova, Tatyana Viktorovna; Gromakov, Evgeny Ivanovich
2015The pipeline oil pumping engineering based on the Plant Wide Control technologyStarikov, Dmitry Pavlovich; Rybakov, Evgeniy Aleksandrovich; Gromakov, Evgeny Ivanovich
2016Virtual Analysis of Technical Equipment Operational States VariabilityAlexandrova (Aleksandrova), Tatyana Viktorovna; Gromakov, Evgeny Ivanovich; Chugunov, Roman; Syramkin, Vladimir
2021Применение автономных сенсоров для автоматизации нефтегазодобычиМамонова, Татьяна Егоровна; Громаков, Евгений Иванович; Mamonova, Tatiana Egorovna; Gromakov, Evgeny Ivanovich