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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Actual and available electrical quantities and their imbalances for power system nodesBay, Yuly Dmitrievich; Andreev, Mikhail Vladimirovich; Ruban, Nikolay Yurievich; Ufa, Ruslan Alexandrovich; Suvorov, Aleksey Aleksandrovich; Stavitsky, S. A.; Kievets, A. V.; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich
2019Analysis of the effect of wind power plants on the out-of-step protection operationSuvorov, Aleksey Aleksandrovich; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich; Rostovtseva, Veronika Mikhailovna
2021Analysis of the FACTS devices impact on the transmission line protection operationRuban, Nikolay Yurievich; Gusev, Alexander Sergeevich; Bay, Yuly Dmitrievich; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich
2017Approach in the modeling of wind turbines for power system stability studies and evaluation of their impact on electric power systemsRazzhivin, Igor Andreevich; Sulaymanov, Almaz Omurzakovich; Stavitsky, Sergey
2019Challenges and approaches in modeling wind power plants in electric power systemsSuvorov, Aleksey Aleksandrovich; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich; Evseeva, Arina Mikhailovna
2020Comprehensive validation of transient stability calculations in electric power systems and hardware-software tool for its implementationSuvorov, Aleksey Aleksandrovich; Diab, Ahmed A. Zaki; Gusev, Alexander Sergeevich; Andreev, Mikhail Vladimirovich; Askarov, Alisher Bakhramzhonovich; Ufa, Ruslan Alexandrovich; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich; Kievets, Anton Vladimirovich; Bay, Yuly Dmitrievich; Rudnik, Vladimir Evgenevich; Aboelsaud Raef Siam Sayed Ahmed; Ibrahim Ahmed, Ibrahim Mohamed; Al-Sumaiti, A. S.
2020Full probabilistic characteristics of power losses in the electrical power system branchesBay, Yuly Dmitrievich; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich; Kievets, Anton Vladimirovich; Andreev, Mikhail Vladimirovich; Rudnik, Vladimir Evgenevich
2017The selection of interval boundaries of input and output data method for obtaining complete probabilistic characteristicsBay, Yuly Dmitrievich; Shmoilov, Anatoliy; Gusev, Alexander Sergeevich; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich
2017Simulation of a High-Frequency Link of Phase Comparison Protection of Transmission Lines for Optimization its SettingsRuban, Nikolay Yurievich; Sulaymanov, Almaz Omurzakovich; Ufa, Ruslan Alexandrovich; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich
2021Stochastic Modeling of a DFIG Wind Turbine in MatpowerBay, Yuly Dmitrievich; Suvorov, Aleksey Aleksandrovich; Gusev, Alexander Sergeevich; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich; Askarov, Alisher Bakhramzhonovich
2020Wind Power Plants Influence on Out-Of-Step Operation Mode Parameters of the Power SystemRuban, Nikolay Yurievich; Askarov, Alisher Bakhramzhonovich; Razzhivin, Igor Andreevich; Ufa, Ruslan Alexandrovich