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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Acoustic depth sounderJu Yangyang; Komarov, S.
2016Brain computer interfaceFrolova, I. V.
2016Comparison of Three Different Methods for Pile Integrity Testing on a Cylindrical Homogeneous Polyamide SpecimenLugovtsova, Y. D.; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2019Controlling the operation of the intelligent generator and energy translator integrated from space and planetary objects as the elements of a power plants in space (in orbit)Grabchak, E. P.; Bortalevich, S. I.; Loginov, E. L.; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2015Current Regulator with Compensation Circuit Current in the Primary Pulse ConverterShkuratov, A. V.
2015Data processing by FPGA chip-based SPA methodShulgin, E. M.; Shulgina, Yulia Viktorovna
2017Design of a kilowatt DC-DC converterHongxing Liu; Chenwei Fu; Na Li; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Wei Han
2015Different approaches for ultrasonic time-of-flight to measure distanceVinanthi, S. U.
2017Electronic load as part of the test complex of the power processing unit of electric and plasma propulsionChubov, S. V.; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2015Increasing of data processing speed for phased Array systemsShulgin, E. M.; Chiglinceva (Chiglintseva), Yulia Viktorovna
2015Measurement error reducing in the ultrasound time-pulse systemsSoldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Kozhemyak, Olesya Anatolievna; Soldatov, Andrey Alekseevich; Chiglinceva (Chiglintseva), Yulia Viktorovna
2015New generation acoustic borehole depth guideShulgin, E. M.; Chiglinceva (Chiglintseva), Yulia Viktorovna
2020Optimization of frequency discretization for diagnostic information at diagnostics of technical objectsAsadchy, Artyom Vladimirovich; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Soldatov, Andrey Alekseevich; Kim, Oleg Khonbinovich
2016Organization of the multiport memory and communication interface using the FPGAFrolov, M. S.
2016Simulation of Surface Oscillation of Ultrasound Sensor Based on Piezoelectric Semiconductor TransducerSoldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Soldatov, Andrey Alekseevich; Kostina, M. A.; Tolkatchev, V. F.
2016Small-angle tomography algorithm for transmission inspection of acoustic linear arraySoldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Soldatov, Andrey Alekseevich; Kostina, Masha; Bakanov, Petr; Polonskaya, Marina Sergeevna
2018Small-angle ultrasonic tomography with mills cross array for NDT: a simulation studyChang, J.; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2019Strategic planning of integrated development in the field of science and technology of the enterprises of the machine-building productionBortalevich, S. I.; Loginov, E. L.; Chinaliev, V. U.; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2017Surface inspection problems in thermoelectric testingAbouellail, Ahmed; Obach, Igor; Soldatov, Andrey Alekseevich; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich
2015The increase of ultrasound measurements accuracy with the use of two-frequency soundingShulgina, Yulia Viktorovna; Soldatov, Aleksey Ivanovich; Rozanova, Yana Viktorovna; Soldatov, Andrey Alekseevich; Shulgin, E. M.